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Mayfair Area Guide

At the very heart of the London borough of Westminster is Mayfair, one of the city's finest residential areas.

Class and sophistication are synonymous with Mayfair, which takes its name from the fortnight-long May Fair, which took place in the borough from 1686 until 1764.

Most of the area was first developed between the mid 17th and 18th Century as a fashionable residential district by a number of landlords. The most important of these was the Grosvenor family (now known as the Grosvenor Estate headed by the Duke of Westminster), who built extensively across the village, and whose name is still attached to many Mayfair landmarks.  The freehold of a large section of Mayfair also belongs to the Crown Estate.

Situated between Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly and Park Lane, Mayfair is home to some of the finest shopping establishments in the world, as well as exclusive hotels, restaurants and financial institutions.  Some of Mayfair's oldest and most respected auction houses, namely Phillips and Sotheby's - known to sell extremely rare antiques and collectibles - are also located here.

Mayfair's parks and gardens are some of the most beautiful and original in London, such as the Grosvenor, Hanover and Berkeley Squares and the residential property is amongst the most elegant - and expensive.

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