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Published: 27/07/2017   Last Updated: 27/07/2017 14:02:25   Tags:

We are sad to say that Nigel has left Malverns to pursue interests outside estate agency, in particular to promote his Simply Sicilian venture involving the sale of delicious foodie bits from Sicily. He has been Head of Sales at Malverns for almost 3 years and in Agency for over 30 years. We will miss him and his fabulous sense of humour which has kept us smiling throughout the trials and tribulations of the London property market and the political scene!

We are however delighted to welcome Nigel's replacement, Alexander Leon, who will be starting at Malverns on 7th August and we look forward to introducing him to you if you require any sales advice or FREE valuation. Alexander is extremely experienced in the industry having set up and run the sales department in various companies in Central London. We have no doubt that he will be a great success.

Celebration Time!

Published: 29/06/2017   Last Updated: 29/06/2017 09:10:19   Tags:

CELEBRATION TIME AT MALVERNS! Many congratulations to our Director and Head of Management, Claire, who has today reached the incredible milestone of 20 years at Malverns.  Claire joined the company in the same year that Tony Blair became Prime Minister, Great Britain handed back Hong Kong to China and Princess Diana was tragically killed in France.  She has built a wonderful relationship with all of the contractors that Malverns use, ensuring that our landlords are never kept waiting for repairs or maintenance issues and she manages to make a very difficult job look like it runs itself, which is the mark of an excellent manager.  Here's to the next 20 years!

Alfies View - The Diary of an Office Dog

Published: 02/06/2017   Last Updated: 02/06/2017 14:49:37   Tags:

Well apart from Brexit, the pending general election, a national report saying that for the first time since 2009 house prices have dropped for the third month running and a seasonal slow-down, we are having an OK month!  Well, to be clear, the lettings side of the business is pretty good but sadly, as with the rest of the country, the sales have slowed considerably.  However, we are forever looking for the positives of every situation and with prices as low as they are going to drop, surely this is a fabulous time to get out there and start making offers? It's all relative of course.  If you have to drop your price a little to get yourself a good buyer, then you are perfectly placed to take advantage of your position and do the same on your purchase.  The only people who lose are the agents who will have to take a slight drop in their fees!  It's a sacrifice we are prepared to make to keep the market moving!  So, our advice is to stop believing all that is in the papers about a depressed market, get out and make an offer and between us we will get people moving again.  Next time I write the election will be over and hopefully we will be returning to normal! (whatever that is)!

Alfie's View - The Diary of an Office Dog


Published: 24/05/2017   Last Updated: 24/05/2017 15:08:58   Tags:

Following the recent events in Manchester, it seems somewhat trivial to be talking about the state of the market and my predictions for the Summer.  With that in mind I want to express our heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the victims as well sending our prayers and best wishes to the injured and those still fighting for life in hospital.  As a Father who has taken his daughters to many concerts over the years, including at the Manchester Arena, it is so very hard to contemplate how those families must be feeling right now.  We are thinking of you right now Manchester and will not allow this magnificent country to be beaten by the minority.  Stay Strong!

Alfie's View - Market Update


Published: 02/05/2017   Last Updated: 02/05/2017 16:09:22   Tags:

By way of keeping on top of market trends, rising (or falling) house prices and effects of political developments on the housing market, I try and read as much research from some of the respected agencies around London as I can.  Latest research into the current trends in the residential sales market in Central London is particularly interesting.  The above graph shows some fascinating spikes and falls in house prices following significant political events over the past 10 years, with monumental events such as the introduction of the Help To Buy Scheme, amendments in the Stamp Duty Threshold, General Elections and of course the EU referendum.  Interestingly one of the most significant factors, remains the seasonal effect on transactions.  Albeit, figures can be distorted by events such as the 3% additional land tax bill (Stamp Duty) for the purchase of a second home, which actually saw a significant spike as buyers sought to beat the deadline.  Interesting and noticeable are the figures showing a slow down of buyers registering ahead of the Scottish and the EU referendums.  Both were followed by a rapid bounce back in demand!  The UK housing market is likely to continue on it's current trajectory in the run up to the election with price growth expected to ease in the coming months.  As ever the headline numbers mask a multi speed market, with latest data from the ONS showing that average house prices in the East of England, rose by 10% in the year to February, compared to 4% in Greater London. and 2% in the North east.  My thanks to Knight Frank Research Department for these facts and figures.

Alfie's View - Election Time (again)


Published: 19/04/2017   Last Updated: 19/04/2017 17:03:31   Tags:

Can you believe it?  The country is going to the polls again!  Just months after the Referendum on Brexit, we are now heading to the voting booths to decide the type of Brexit we get!  Hard or soft, it all depends on how you want your 'brEGGSit' done!  Will the apathy which surrounds yet another vote, have an influence?  Will the 'remainers' vote tactically and shock the Government?  It's certainly going to be an interesting time ahead but with the likely result of a landslide for the Government, it means the PM will have a mandate from the people to get the best deal for the UK and that can only be positive for the housing market.  Basically, whichever type of Brexit we get, we need it to happen quickly and with minimum fuss so that we can all return to normal!   One positive I can see from the snap election is that we only have to deal with 8 weeks of talking about it!  I'm sure everyone will agree that's the way we like it! 

Alfie's View - The Diary of an Office Dog


Published: 13/04/2017   Last Updated: 13/04/2017 16:09:52   Tags:

Well with the Bank Holiday weekend approaching I want to wish all of our friends, customers and contacts a very Happy Easter!  The weather looks like holding up and with so much going on in our fantastic city, it's sure to be a wonderful few days.  The annual Tall Ships Regatta is on over the weekend, starting at Greenwich,  which really is a spectacle to behold.  The Passion of Christ draws huge crowds to Trafalgar Square on Good Friday, with over 100 performers.  For the children or just lovers of dinosaurs, there are 30 life size animated dinosaurs on display at Osterley Park.  Be sure to Google all the Easter Egg hunts and most all have a fabulous time and stay safe!  We return to the office on Tuesday and are delighted to report an increase in activity with viewings and valuations booked for the coming month!  Happy Easter Everyone.

Alfie's View - The Diary of an Office Dog


Published: 29/03/2017   Last Updated: 29/03/2017 11:25:55   Tags:

So finally, after what seems like an eternity, the letter signalling the end of our relationship with the EU is signed and will be delivered today!  I am still in a state of shock that it has got this far but now must be the time to embrace it and get on with our lives!  My personal opinion and not that of Malverns as a company, is that it is a sad day and one that will be looked back on in history as hugely monumental.  However, there is no point in dwelling on it and we as individuals and businesses now have to work on how the whole process can make everyone's lives easier.  We will embrace the foreign investors who are taking advantage of the weaker pound and we will continue to offer a professional and friendly service to all of our clients.  In over 40 years of trading, Malverns have seen many changes and we continue to thrive whatever the circumstances.  I am sure that in these exciting times, we will jump on board and do whatever it takes to continue to be the successful agents we have been for so long.

Alfie's View - The Diary of an Office Dog


Published: 22/03/2017   Last Updated: 22/03/2017 11:17:49   Tags:

Well what a pleasant atmosphere in the office as we celebrate a couple of exchanges!  It's what we come to work for, to ensure the sale goes smoothly for the seller and ensure the buyer is not let down at the last minute.  Two fabulous sales have this week exchanged contracts, one of which, a stunning Mayfair apartment, took only a week to get there!  The buyer was a joy to work with and did everything that Nigel asked of him to ensure his solicitor was well placed to offer an early exchange.  It just goes to prove that if you are prepared to run around a bit and do a little bit of preparation before selling, then the sale does not have to take months on end to complete!  Great work all round from the buyer, seller and of course the solicitors who enabled it to happen so quickly.  The other exchange was far simpler, with no pressures from either side!  The equally good news is that we are also happy to have some new properties to sell, including a delightful apartment in Cranley Gardens, which is bound to go quickly.  I haven't even mentioned the fabulous investment opportunity in Nigels home town of Bournemouth, which has come on at an excellent price and would suit anyone looking to rent out to University students.  All in all it has been a good week, with the Spring rush feeling like it's in full flow!  Be sure to check our web-site for all the latest properties to buy or for rent and the offer of a coffee and a chat is always there should you wish to pop in and see Alfie!!

Alfie's View - The Diary of an Office Dog



Published: 15/03/2017   Last Updated: 15/03/2017 11:29:54   Tags:

How lovely to see the daffodils out and feel a bit of sunshine on our backs!  Having just left a freezing New York, where temperatures plummeted to -12 while I was there, I am probably appreciating the warm snap more than most!  The good news for us here at Malverns is that with the warm weather, flowers in the garden and sunshine, come increased levels of activity, sales and rentals and a flurry of people wanting to move by the Summer.  We have already noticed the phones starting to ring and leads coming through our network of property portals, which is encouraging to say the least.  The next step is to turn the activity into solid business, and progress those sales and rentals through to a speedy completion.  Here at Malverns we pride ourselves in the fact that we lose very few deals once tied up.  We believe that the sale or let is only 10% complete at the point of offer and the hard work starts when we deal with the solicitors, surveyors and other agents, trying to make the deal happen.  Our professionalism at this stage is what sets us apart from the rest, ensuring that all the documents are where they should be and that people know what they should be doing at what time.  You can rest assured when you instruct Malverns that we offer the complete service, from the initial viewing to enjoying that celebratory glass of Champagne when you move in.  Call us now to discuss our Summer rates and our offer of a FREE MARKET VALUATION.

Oh and don't forget to tune in or record our very own Head of Rentals, RIA GEERLING, appearing on HOMES UNDER THE HAMMER on Thursday 16th March..

Alfie's view: Homes under the Hammer March 2017


Published: 10/03/2017   Last Updated: 10/03/2017 14:09:16   Tags:


Our lettings department has been going strong since the beginning of this year. This week has been particularly busy with many offers and people moving in. We are now a little short on properties so if there are landlords reading our blog, please get in touch so we can let your property as well!


Ria our lettings expert is featuring on Homes Under the Hammer on Thursday 16th March 10-11am on BBC 1 so do tune in.

Alfie's View - The Diary of an Office Dog


Published: 07/03/2017   Last Updated: 07/03/2017 16:02:16   Tags:

Well Alfie has handed over the reins to me today and I cant hide my excitement!  I'm just about to put my files away and head off to the Big Apple, for a weeks break to see my newly arrived Grand Son.  It's a lot easier to leave the office having done some good deals over the past few days.  Both Sales and Lettings have found buyers and tenants respectively and the Spring rush well and truly seems to have arrived!  Make sure you call us for any last minute advice prior to placing your own property on the market, whether it is concerning the presentation of the property or financial advice, or even if you need to find somewhere to go to.  Our sales and lettings teams will be on hand to talk you through the process.  I'll be handing back to Alfie for the next blog and look forward to writing again on my return!

Alfie's View - The Diary of an Office Dog


Published: 01/03/2017   Last Updated: 01/03/2017 10:00:03   Tags:

Well things really got exciting this week, as our 'resident chef' Niki, bought her pots and pans together with eggs milk and flour and treated everybody to her delicious pancakes... sadly the race around the office was cancelled due to health and safety reasons but they were successfully flipped to carry on the tradition.  Meanwhile, the market has been as flat as a pancake over the half term break but both Nigel and Ria in sales and lettings respectively, have reported a steady increase in activity since the children returned to school.  This is always a popular time to market a property, with the lighter evenings, warmer weather approaching and a few flowers in the gardens and window boxes.  For ideas and suggestions as to the best way to prepare your home for sale or rent pop in and have a chat with any of the team, who would be delighted to help out.  A simple de-clutter can often be all it takes to make a living room look more spacious. Store some of the personal photos to avoid a distraction and place some fresh flowers on the table.  These are obvious, yet very effective ways to enhance the look of your property.

Alfies View - Diary of an Office Dog


Published: 21/02/2017   Last Updated: 23/02/2017 10:49:37   Tags:

Really encouraging to notice an improvement in the sales market this week.  Nigel has had a couple of offers he's working on and even more encouragingly, he has had a fabulous instruction to sell a spacious apartment, set over two floors, in a beautiful Pont Street building.  Situated so close to Harrods in one of the best areas of London, this apartment will surely not be on our books for long.  Offered with a porter, two bedrooms and unusually with a 30' garden, it really is extremely well priced at just £2.5m.  Full details can be found, along with other properties for sale and to let, on our website.

Alfie's View - Market Update


Published: 15/02/2017   Last Updated: 15/02/2017 17:07:15   Tags:

With so much information at our fingertips and the advent of 'fake news' over the past few months, it's difficult to decipher what's real and what's not.  I can Google 'House Price Increase in South Kensington' and get bombarded with reports suggesting we are riding on the crest of a wave and we've never had it so good!  I can then Google, 'Price Slump in South Ken' and I'm met with scare monger stories, talking about the end of the property boom as we know it!  However, what I can do is report some facts collected from local agents in SW7 and they make interesting reading.  Annual change in prices achieved in SW7 is up 1.8%.  Annual change in the number of sales transactions, is down 35%.  The average price per square foot in SW7 is now £1,848 and the discount achieved on the initial asking price is 8%.  There are 7% more properties available now than at the same time last year and 9% of available properties are under offer, with 49% being reduced in price. Lastly, 66% of properties have been available for over 3 months.  I will steer away from analysing these figures too closely albeit fairly obvious we need more buyers.  With Brexit uncertainty and Stamp Duty hikes, we noticed a slow down in applicants registering but as the fog lifts we would now expect those numbers of people looking, to increase towards the Spring.  These figures are a helpful guide to know who, as agents, we need to attract but we have to realise there is no such thing as a perfect scenario, with equal numbers of buyers and sellers.  Low levels of buyers means more wiggle room on the asking price, which should generate more buyers!  And so the market moves onwards and upwards!

Alfie's View - The State of the Market


Published: 08/02/2017   Last Updated: 08/02/2017 10:05:36   Tags:

I thought it would be interesting to do some research as to the state of the rental market across Prime Central London.  We are very much in the centre of things here in South Kensington and usually reflect exactly what is going on across the area.  Our Head of Lettings, Ria Geerling, has noted that although we are not struggling to take new properties on for rent, unless the landlord is realistic with his asking price, the deals will not be done.  This is reflected in the figures across Prime Central London.  Compared with the same time last year, new instructions are up 12%, as opposed to 30% the year before and rental values are down 8% on last year.  So I guess we take mixed news from this report.  If you are a committed landlord looking for a tenant, you will, provided you are realistic, find a good tenant very early on.  If however you are looking to achieve more than you have previously achieved, then maybe now is not the time to let out your property.  For more information on our findings or simply to come and pet Alfie, why not pop in for a chat with either Ria or Niki on lettings or Nigel in Sales, the coffee is always on!

Alfie's View - Diary of an Office Dog


Published: 31/01/2017   Last Updated: 31/01/2017 13:54:02   Tags:

Well I guess we all new it was never going to be a smooth ride once President Trump was inaugurated! If he wanted to steal the headlines over the coming weeks, then he's certainly achieved his goal with his policy to ban 7 countries citizens from travelling to the USA.  Let's hope the powerful people who pull his strings are able to bring some order to the situation before it goes too far.  Back at home we are seeing a steady improvement to the property market as we move into February.  This is the time historically that we notice more people start to consider moving and the levels of valuations and viewings increase steadily.  Over the years the desire has been to make that move in the Spring and be in your new home in time for the warmer weather.  Here at Malverns, we are able to help you with all your home moving requirements, whether you are looking to let out your existing property, in which case Ria Geerling is your contact, or maybe you want to sell and buy somewhere else, using Nigel, our head of sales and acquisitions.  Niki is also on hand with advice across the board, while Claire in Management, maintains the smooth running of all of our rented properties.  Whatever is going on around the world, we at Malverns offer a steady ship, using our years of experience and local knowledge.

Alfie's View - The Diary of an Office Dog


Published: 25/01/2017   Last Updated: 25/01/2017 10:02:43   Tags:

Well what a difference a week makes!  Nigel went away on Thursday for a weekend in the snow and when he came back, the new President has been sworn in and there is a block on the Brexit plans, thanks to a lady called Gina Miller.  I guess you have to admire anyone who is so passionate in what they believe, that they are prepared to fight the government to get what they want.  I'm sure there are a lot more twists and turns to come before we have clarity.  I have to say though, that it's sad to see that the President is going ahead with his threat to build a wall!  What decade are we in?  On the home front, we are pleased to see a few more valuations and viewings in the diary.  Hopefully this will result in some sales or lets over the coming weeks.  I know that Nigel is still offering a healthy discount on sale fees, should you instruct him before the end of the month, so get your ice skates on and give him a call. 

Alfie's View - The Diary of an Office Dog


Published: 17/01/2017   Last Updated: 17/01/2017 13:15:53   Tags:

Well love him or hate him, we have to accept that by the end of the week, there will be a new President of the United States.  The man who was more famous for his spray tan and uttering the words 'You're Fired' than his politics... is to take up the most powerful political position in the world!  Do we embrace him and say give him a chance or do we run for cover and prepare for a bumpy ride?  Who knows?  The political situation in the UK, with people still divided over Brexit is enough to deal with but the impact of American politics, does affect the UK and in time it will have a knock on to the housing market.  Be it a weaker pound, which will attract foreign investors, or a stronger pound encouraging local buyers to invest.  Either way, we feel confident at Malverns, that property will continue to sell, whether to 'buy to let' investors, in which case our lettings team, headed by Ria, will be able to find a tenant, or simply to owner occupiers, who feel the time is right to move, in which case our sales team, headed by Nigel, will be happy to help out.  All we will say is get on board now for what is definitely going to be an exciting road ahead!  January Special Offers on selling fees still apply!

Alfie's View - A Star Amongst Us!


Published: 12/01/2017   Last Updated: 12/01/2017 10:42:15   Tags:

Our resident TV celebrity, Ria, has this week made her 5th appearance on the popular BBC show, Homes Under The Hammer.  Her years of experience in the business are often called upon by the producers who ask for expert advice at the start and end of each show.  As ever, Ria represented Malverns looking and sounding fantastic and no doubt we will be inundated with phone calls from people who have spotted her on TV.  For those who missed the initial showing of the programme, you can do Catch Up on the BBC iPlayer (Series 20, episode 62). 

Alfie's View - Diary of an Office Dog


Published: 12/01/2017   Last Updated: 12/01/2017 13:14:26   Tags:

Great to see that certain groups are calling on the government to make immediate changes to the higher level of Stamp Duty.  There is no doubt that over the past 12 months, we have seen a slow down in sales of high end property in central London.  Colin Stanbridge, the Chief Executive of the London Chamber of Commerce, says that the current system disproportionately penalises the capitals home buyers and he is calling for reform in the March budget.  Mr Stanbridge said that the current Chancellor, Philip Hammond should address the rate of 12% for properties over £1.5m, which was put in place by his predecessor George Osbourne in December 2014.  The present rate means that a buyer of a £1.6m home will need to shell out £100,000 in tax before setting foot in the property.  We wait with bated breath to see what the outcome is!

Alfie's View - The Diary of an Office Dog

Published: 10/01/2017   Last Updated: 10/01/2017 09:40:37   Tags:

Well, two weeks into the New Year and the early signs are good.  Activity on both the sales and lettings side of the business bodes well for the coming year.  Obviously we realise that there is an element of uncertainty surrounding the Brexit situation, but we can only report it as it is and right now we are enjoying a steady start to 2017!  As a New Year Offer, the sales department, headed up by Nigel, are offering special reduced rates for any properties coming to the market on a 'sole agency' before the end of January.  With buyers registering in their numbers, it could be a smart decision to put your house on now and beat the Spring rush!  Life in the office continues to be fun, with plenty of visitors to keep me occupied since my drama in Devon at the weekend!  I am fully recovered and actually enjoying the pampering I've received as a result of it!  Well it's time for me to get in my bed and have a nap, so have a great week and feel free to pop in for a coffee and a chat at any time!

Alfie's View - Happy New Year!


Published: 03/01/2017   Last Updated: 03/01/2017 11:40:35   Tags:

How time flies!  No sooner were we putting the decorations on the tree and attending the wonderful Carol Concert in Sloane Square, than we are all back in the office, looking forward to a busy 2017!  I hope all our friends and contacts had a wonderful Christmas and on behalf of Malverns Estate Agents, I would like to wish you all a prosperous and Happy New Year.  I was interested to read over the festive break, that a number of the larger estate agents in London are incredibly optimistic for the coming year, with predictions of slow but steady growth in both sales and rental prices.  This slightly goes against the national prediction of a quiet year until a 2% growth in 2018, but early indicators are that they may well be right.  We noticed a fair amount of interest over the break from people looking to view properties and also a couple of valuation requests, in one case as far out as Shooters Hill.  We take great pride in being able to offer properties all over the country, and even sold a flat in Bournemouth in 2016!  We had viewings as far away as Gleneagles in Scotland and providing the asking price is correct, feel confident that we will find a buyer for you wherever you are.  Prime Central London is of course our main focus and it is here that we continue to see the most success, with some wonderful properties for rent and sale in Mayfair, Kensington, Fulham and Chelsea.  We look forward to catching up with you early in the New Year and want to remind you that we are free to discuss all your property requirements, be they in sales, rentals or property management.



Published: 21/12/2016   Last Updated: 21/12/2016 16:09:28   Tags:

It's definitely starting to look a lot like Christmas!  We have all just exchanged 'Secret Santa' gifts and returned from a fantastic Christmas lunch!  Now we have to get through the rest of the afternoon without nodding off!  Not that that is possible with the phones ringing!  It's a bizarre thing but we are actually still busy, with the big day only 4 days away.  I guess it's encouraging as we look forward to 2017.  We could certainly do with some stability and maybe a little help from the Government, possibly looking to ease the Stamp Duty situation?  Anyway, that's definitely enough from me for 2016!  I want to finally wish all our customers and friends, a wonderful Christmas and fantastic New Year.  We look forward to helping you with any property queries you may have in the New Year and remind you that we are in fact still open until the 23rd!  Have a Good One!

Alfie's View - A Diary of an Office Dog


Published: 16/12/2016   Last Updated: 16/12/2016 13:12:20   Tags:

I'm delighted to report that my foot is fully recovered and although the anaesthetic knocked me for six, I'm starting to feel back to the way I was!  What a weird property market it is at the moment!  Ria has suddenly started to have a lot of interest in her rental properties, whereas Nigel is desperate for some more homes to sell as he has a lot of new buyers registering!  I guess it all comes down to the milder weather, which makes traipsing around properties a lot more bearable!  If you can find time between stuffing the turkey, making the Christmas puddings and wrapping the presents, why not call either of our two experts for a pre-Christmas, post-Brexit valuation!  You may be pleasantly surprised as to what they have to say.  In the meantime, have a lovely weekend and I look forward to posting my final Blog for 2016 in the middle of next week!

Alfies View - Melton Court £2.3m


Published: 15/12/2016   Last Updated: 15/12/2016 10:21:15   Tags:

We are delighted to announce an amazing opportunity to acquire a charming apartment, situated in this highly sought after building in the very heart of South Kensington.  Offering panoramic views across London and access to excellent shops restaurants and bars, the property has 3 bedrooms, and an open-plan living/dining room.  There is a good size kitchen and 2 bathrooms as well as a separate WC.  Make an offer before Christmas and enjoy a complimentary MAGNUM of CHAMPAGNE from Malverns to celebrate the festive season.



Published: 13/12/2016   Last Updated: 13/12/2016 14:18:47   Tags:

Well of all the times to have to have a procedure, just before Christmas was not my favourite!  I wanted to post a picture of my bandaged leg and reassure you that I'm up and hobbling around as normal following a small procedure at the vet!  If you see me and my luminous bandage in South Kensington, I want you to know that I'm fine, although Claire is a little bit poorer!  The blog will continue as usual and I will be just as happy to see you for a treat as I ever was!

Alfie's View - The Diary of an Office Dog


Published: 12/12/2016   Last Updated: 12/12/2016 11:45:58   Tags:

Well incredibly we are now only a few weeks from Christmas and more importantly the end of what has been an incredible year for so many reasons!  A divided Country will continue to debate the pro's and con's of Brexit and we will look on in amazement at the appointment of Donald Trump as the 'leader of the free world'!  We look back at the fall of our own Prime Minister and the appointment of Theresa May, who looks to steady the ship.  All of this has been going on with a backdrop of some terrifying terror attacks across the globe and in particular on our friends and neighbours in France.  I think it is fair to say that my own personal wish for 2017, is for it to throw up a lot less headlines in the news papers and for everybody to be given the chance to get on with their lives.  The loss of so many celebrities has done nothing to raise the mood of the country and we all hope and prey for peace in all the troubled war zones around the world.  In business, we are optimistic that the coming year will show very little change in the property market, with growth predicted for 2018.  We believe with that prediction, that now is as good a time as any to look at investing in London.  Prices are down but will rise and mortgages are extremely competitive.  The rental market is predicted to be strong and so 'buy to let' looks like being a popular option in 2017, whilst we wait for prices to rise again.  I will post again before the year ends but in the meantime I want to wish everybody a lovely build up to the festive period and remind you to forget the diets, enjoy yourselves and don't drink and drive!

Alfie's View - Light at the end of the Tunnel


Published: 06/12/2016   Last Updated: 06/12/2016 15:18:02   Tags:

Amidst all of the doom and gloom and talk of recession, as well as the uncertainty over Brexit, it's been easy to fall into the pessimists trap of feeling sorry for ourselves.  Especially here in the capital city!  However, here at Malverns, we try and look at the whole picture and our research tells us that even though 2017 looks like being a quiet year, with house prices falling by around 1%, we expect that all to change, with prices tipped to rise by 2% in 2018 and again in 2019.  We feel that if that is the case, why would you not look at making an investment over the next 12 months, to take advantage of the low prices?  Our friends from overseas, who are always pretty savvy, when it comes to property investments, are continuing to look at London as being a really solid investment and an opportunity to realise some sharp growth over the coming 2 years.  Here at Malverns we would love to talk you through our predictions and look at any way in which we can help you make the right property decision.  Pop in for a coffee, a chat or simply to say hi!

Alfie's View - Wonderful Christmas Party


Published: 02/12/2016   Last Updated: 02/12/2016 13:10:44   Tags:

Incredibly it's that time of the year again! We were delighted to welcome over 75 of our friends, clients and contacts to the Malverns Annual Christmas Party on Thursday 1st December.  The wine and Prosecco flowed and the excellent nibbles, prepared by JP, went down a storm.  As with last year, we were pleased to welcome the wonderful chocolate shop from Thurlow Square, Jeff de Bruges, who ran 2 raffles and gave away a selection of their amazing chocolates.  They seemed to be doing steady trade throughout the afternoon, as was the excellent Lily Gardner, with a selection of Christmas gift ideas from her shop in Chelsea Farmers Market.  Simply Sicilian also did a wonderful amount of business, selling their array of Sicilian olive oils, marmalades and almond treats.  Tracklements amazing pickles and mustards were as popular as ever.  Raising money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, the staff raffled a magnum of Bordeaux, generously donated by Ann, and deservedly won by one of our longest serving clients, Miles Duncan.  Overall, the day was a huge success and judging by the feedback, was enjoyed by all.  As we are now into December and feeling festive, I would like to take the opportunity to wish all of our friends, clients and contacts, as well as your families, a wonderful Christmas season, with plenty of festive food, fun and fizz!!

Alfie's View - The Diary of an Office Dog


Published: 30/11/2016   Last Updated: 30/11/2016 17:44:13   Tags:

Even the sudden drop in temperatures hasn't seemed to affect the level of activity in the sales market, not in the way it's affected my paws!  With buyers looking to complete deals before Christmas, this can be a busy time for estate agents.  Here at South Kensington, we have just agreed two deals on homes that are both looking to complete the transaction in time to be sat around the tree and enjoying turkey and all the trimmings!  What we need desperately is more stock.  We can never have too many properties to show our buyers and this time of the year is no exception.  If the temperature drops in this way, and buyers are still out looking then we know they are serious.  Why not beat the Spring rush?  Call us now for an end of year valuation, which is completely free of charge, and you may be pleasantly surprised.  Who knows, you could be the one carving your turkey in a completely new kitchen!

Alfies View - Pimlico Bucks the Trend


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Research by a well known London agent has suggested that the much maligned areas of Westminster and less maligned Pimlico, are continuing to buck the trend of falling house prices in Central London.  Westminster is rapidly turning into a highly sought after location, and a credible alternative to it's more expensive neighbours.  Whilst Pimlico, for years considered less desirable than it's neighbours in Chelsea, has moved into the bracket of 'Prime London'.  This is all thanks to some considerable development along the river and around Victoria.  Here at Malverns, we are able to offer properties in both locations and would be more than happy to spend some time with prospective buyers in our comfortable South Kensington office.  Come along for a chat about this and any other property related matters. 

Alfie's View - The Diary of an Office Dog


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There is never a dull moment in Malverns Estate Agents!  What a wonderful weekend it was for Nigel, who celebrated the arrival of his first granddaughter, a beautiful little girl called Olivia.  Not such good news for Niki though, who found herself in hospital over the weekend.  I know the staff will all join me in wishing her a speedy recovery and hoping that it's only a matter of time before she's back in the saddle again and of course in the office with the team.  The market continues to surprise everybody, with some last minute sales being put together, although the rental side is very quiet as we approach the festive period.  Here at Malverns we are convinced that the spike in sales is due in part to the lower value of the pound against other currencies.  A number of foreign investors, as well as some bullish British buyers have shown that even with a new regime in the USA and an uncertain future in the UK, they are still prepared to invest in what historically has always been a solid property market.  we will continue to keep you posted with market developments as the year ends and we move into 2017.


Alfie's View - Time to Find That Dream Home!


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You can always tell that the property market is improving.  The fun and games in the office slow down and the team is busy on the phones or out on appointments.  I know that Nigel is delighted to finally have a healthy selection of new property to sell, all of which can now be seen in full detail on our wonderful new web-site. whilst Ria is continuing to let everything she gets and Niki is busy assisting both sides!  The management side with Claire at the helm continues to do what it does so well and it's a dog's life for me as I have to make my own entertainment!  I know that it's a long way from where we were over the past few years but the levels of activity are encouraging.  If you want to sell or let your home, there are buyers and tenants out there, so why not call us in now for a free valuation.  Who knows, you could find yourself moving into that dream home by Christmas!

Alfie's View - The Diary of an Office Dog


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Great excitement in the office this week as the new, stylish website has gone live!  Be sure to check it out on

A whole host of new features can be found, such as our Stamp Duty Calculator, Useful Info for Vendors, Landlords and Tenants and some Links to other useful sites.  The staff are really pleased with the new, easy to use site, which we like to think keeps us one step ahead of our competition!

Alfie's View - Diary of an Office Dog


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I can't believe that the Summer is fading fast and we are heading for Autumn already!  What happened?  One minute we were looking forward to the European Football Championships, The Olympics and Pimms and Lemonade in the Park and now we are starting to turn our minds to leaves on the ground, the Great British Bake Off and all things Autumnal!  Time is certainly flying by.  We are noticing a slightly busier period than immediately post Brexit, with viewings on the increase and a few more valuations, so hopefully it's a good sign for a busier Winter!  With the new season comes a new website design!  Be sure to check out the latest additions to our site, in the next couple of days.  The fresher look to the homepage, is much more modern, and easier to navigate and take a look at the staff photo's... Is it me or are the girls in the office getting younger?? 

Alfie's Olympic View - The Diary of an Office Dog


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Whether you are a sports fan or not, you cannot fail to be impressed by the amazing achievements of our fabulous Olympians!  Right up there with the USA and ahead of China in the medal table is simply sensational!  It's even taken away from the other main event that has been happening and is a favourite of mine... the Westie Olympics!  The dogs compete in sprints such as the  'Paw hundred metres'  and the Paw by Paw relay... not to mention the singles and pairs water ski-ing (pictured!).

It's not to late to take advantage of our huge discounts being offered to any vendor instructing Malverns to sell their property, throughout the Olympics.  Talk to Nigel or Niki on sales and Ria if you want to rent or let your home, or simply pop in for a friendly welcome from us all.

Alfies View  - Diary of an Office Dog


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How fantastic to have the Olympics back on our telly!  Can you believe it's now 4 years since the sensational London 2012?  Team GB have got off to a flyer with a World Record and Gold Medal in the pool, courtesy of Adam Peaty.  The two gymnastic teams are competing tonight with a view to both getting on the medal rostrum as are the ladies rugby team, the country's favourite diver, Tom Daley and a whole host of other athletes and competitors.  How refreshing to see so many British medal prospects in the games.  Good luck from all at Malverns to all our competitors representing Team GB!  As an OLYMPIC GAMES SPECIAL OFFER, we will give anyone who instructs Malverns to sell their property, throughout the period of the games, a 20% discount in our sole agency terms!  Talk to Nigel for more details.

Alfie's View - Diary of an Office Dog


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One of my favourite times of the day is when I get to 'share' everyone's breakfast in the office! It's such a social event every day, with market conditions being discussed and the plan for the day being mapped out, not to mention the cinnamon toast, latte and fruit that are on offer.  Long may the morning meeting continue!

Alfies View - Diary of an Office Dog

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I'm back!  After a lovely couple of weeks away, I'm delighted to be back in the hot (dog) seat, writing my weekly blog.  It's been a truly tragic few weeks across the globe, with the awful events of Baton Rouge, Dallas, Iraq, Nice and of course Turkey.  With so much turmoil in the world, it is actually quite comforting to concentrate on business at home, with a view to returning to normality.  Not that the situation in the UK has been remotely 'normal'.  A new Prime Minister, a new cabinet and the prospect of life outside the EU.  One thing that does remain stable and will never change, is the welcome you will always receive, whenever you pop into our South Kensington office for a coffee and a chat.  I will be there at the door and the team, including Claire, Ria, Niki, Nigel and Ann, will be on hand to offer advice on property matters or simply to enjoy a catch up.  The threatened doom and gloom in the property market has not reared it's head, and buyers and tenants are still registering in the same way they were pre-referendum.  That's all from me for the moment, as I'm off to enjoy the 2 days that will be the good old English Summer!!

Alfies View - Diary of an Office Dog

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As Alfie is away on holiday at the moment, it has fallen on Nigels shoulders to give us Malverns take on the current political and economic situation in the UK and the way we envisage it affecting the London property market:




Those of us in the London property market had been anxiously awaiting the results of the Brexit referendum, as the lead up period had been full of uncertainty, resulting in lower transaction volume. With the 24th June 2016 vote to leave the European Union, unfortunately, surety has not been restored and many are wondering what this means for United Kingdom, and the London property market.

The Aftermath

The results of the vote triggered an immediate reaction in the financial and currency markets, with the pound plummeting to a 31-year low against the US dollar. The FTSE opened with a fall of 8.7% (although recovered) and both house building and banking shares were amongst those hardest hit.

Even with the initial response being very dramatic, agreeing the terms of the exit from the EU could take up to two years to negotiate (from the time Article 50 is invoked) which could mean many more months of uncertainty.

London’s Place

The capital has been an area of prime real estate for a number of years, so as the hub of property investment, both for the UK and foreign investors, the London property market could suffer significantly. Over the last few months, we’ve already seen property sales volume decline ahead of the referendum and on the back of recent stamp duty increases. Given the capital’s links to the financial sector, rental rates may also be adversely impacted as nervousness in the financial sector and potential job transfers may impact rental demand.

However, in the midst of the many dire scenarios, there will always be opportunities. Seasoned investors have often secured their best deals during times of turmoil. With the sterling’s recent decline of over 10% (relative to USD) it has not only offset recent stamp duty increases, but may also cover any potential reductions on lower rents, good news for foreign investors. For those with a long term view, buying property is still a good investment, particularly when compared to alternative investment options.

For some sellers, we have had to have the difficult conversation of price reductions, but we’ve also successfully completed sales transactions, so deals are being done. For those sellers who have owned their properties for a long time, prices in London are still well in excess of the low points of 2007 and 2008, meaning that they are likely to be selling at a profit. But now more than ever, it is important to price to the market and being armed with the latest data and information is critical. In addition, with interest rates that are still historically low, first time buyers may also have a unique opportunity to get on the property ladder.

What’s next?


Only time will tell what the long term landscape of United Kingdom outside the EU looks like, but for London, the fundamentals remain compelling:

     • Significant shortage of housing relative to supply
     • Stable regulatory and legal system
     • World class education and cultural institutions.


With a long term strategy, the London property market will continue to be a sound investment.

Property buyers and sellers should consider the facts and make decisions based on reality, not fear or misconceptions. Those who will need to move will still do so and those needing shelter will still look to buy or rent. It is easy to make a good investment in times of stability and upward trends, but more challenging in times of turmoil and uncertainty. However, given the historical returns of the property market, it is still a worthy consideration.

If you are concerned about your property investments or would like to discuss the Brexit effect, please contact us for a free consultation


Alfie's View - Diary of an Office Dog


Published: 25/06/2016   Last Updated: 01/09/2016 14:27:56   Tags: Alfies View

We were delighted to sponsor a fence last week, at the Dauntsey Park, Horse Trials.  'Malverns Mound' as the fence became known, was a true challenge to all the eventers, and was bedecked in the Malverns 'To-Let and For Sale boards.  The annual event sees some of the country's finest jumpers, including William Fox-Pitt, having a quick spin before heading off to Rio.

Alfie's View - Diary of an Estate Agent

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Well BREXIT has happened!  I have to admit to being a little surprised and having stayed up to watch the results coming in, it was only this morning that I began to appreciate the enormity of the situation.  David Cameron has informed the nation of his intention to resign in 3 months time and now the implications of the deal have to be discussed with whoever takes control to map the way forward for our great nation.  We will shortly be preparing a breakdown of how the changes will affect the housing market but to be honest it is pretty difficult to say without all the facts in front of us.  However, we are situated in one of the worlds most sought after locations and will always enjoy the benefits of our position here.  I am sure that once the ship is steadied and a new leader is in place, the market will return to normal and we will find a way to move forward together as a united nation.

Alfie's View - The Diary of an Office Dog


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I'm sure by the time you read this, the election will be over and the repercussions of being IN or OUT will be taking effect.  Nigel and Ria had much more fun than discussing elections when they went along to the Annual Lonres Summer Party.  Held for the second successive year in Belgrave Square, the heads of sales and lettings enjoyed some wonderful canapés and a few glasses of wine, whilst catching up with friends and contacts from the property world.  The rain held off and it was a lovely warm evening.

Alfie's View - Diary of an Office Dog


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Well with Alfie away on holiday, it falls on me to write the latest edition of Alfies View. It would seem ridiculous not to mention the impending referendum.  Whatever your leaning, it has had an affect on the market, as any uncertainty does.  By the time Alfie returns from his holiday, we will know the result and life could have possibly changed dramatically for us all.  Only time will tell if we will have made the right choice but I am sure that the market will eventually settle down and buyers will continue to invest in what is the most desirable location in London and probably Europe.  The most important thing is that we all use our vote.  I hope the result goes the best way for the UK and I look forward to speaking to you on the other side!!

Alfie's View - We're Fit for a Dame


Published: 19/05/2016   Last Updated: 01/09/2016 14:19:48   Tags: Alfies View,

What an absolute pleasure it has been over the past few months, to be the selling and buying agent for none other than Dame Diana Rigg.  The former 'Avenger' and 'Bond Girl' is still working hard and can be seen in the current series of Game of Thrones as well as many other TV dramas.  Her legendary status originates from the role of Emma Peel, working alongside Patrick Macnee.  Nigel and Alfie were suitably star struck when Diana walked into the office and they have since formed a wonderful friendship.  Diana's beautiful 4 storey house in Ifield Road was snapped up by a cash buyer and then Nigel accompanied her around a series of apartments before eventually settling on a delightful top floor mansion apartment. The whole experience has been a joy for Nigel and the team at South Kensington, who have taken every opportunity to listen to Diana's fabulous stories of the showbiz world.

Alfie's View - A Glorious Weekend


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Well Spring certainly arrived with a bang!  What a fantastic weekend.  I was fortunate enough to be taken to Marlow in Bucks, for a walk through the bluebells and with temperatures hitting 27 degrees, it really was glorious!  Hopefully the good weather will have the usual effect on the property market and the team will notice a surge of buyers and tenants!  Ria, Niki and Nigel would love to see you for a coffee in the office and to discuss any property queries you may have.


Alfie's View - Well Done Jess!


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We are all so proud to have sponsored Jess in the London Marathon on Sunday.  Nigel's daughter was competing for the first time and as she says 'the last time'!!  The day coincided with her 24th birthday and she recorded a fantastic time of 5hrs 07 mins.  We would all like to congratulate Jess in raising nearly £3000 for charity and representing Malverns so well!!

Alfie's View - Happy Birthday Your Majesty!


Published: 21/04/2016   Last Updated: 01/09/2016 14:59:40   Tags: Alfies View

What a lovely sunny day for a 90th Birthday!  We would like to join the rest of the nation and the commonwealth, in wishing Her Majesty the Queen a very happy 90th Birthday.  What an inspiration she is.  Fittingly, her birthday is just a couple of days before St Georges Day and we want to wish all our English friends and clients a wonderful double celebration!

Alfie's View - Wedding Bells


Published: 14/04/2016   Last Updated: 01/09/2016 14:59:48   Tags: Alfies View

Great excitement in the office, as Nigel's daughter Amy, is set to marry her childhood sweetheart, Andre, this coming Saturday.  I'm so excited I thought I'd share a photo of a family wedding I attended some time ago!  Good luck to the happy couple!  On a serious note, we are getting over the rush that occurred when the stamp duty law changed last week.  Solicitors were working until the early hours to push deals through and I'm glad to say they didn't disappoint, with all our expected deals exchanging contracts on schedule.  Life goes on post deadline day and Nigel has just been instructed on a lovely detached house in Barnes for just £2.3m.  With sales happening in Bournemouth, Gleneagles Scotland, and Barnes, Malverns are turning into a UK wide company!  Don't worry though, we still specialise in what we know best, the sales and rental markets of Chelsea, Kensington and the surrounds.  Pop in and see the staff here for an update on what your property might be worth to let or sell.

Alfie's View - Diary of an Office Dog


Published: 07/04/2016   Last Updated: 01/09/2016 14:35:49   Tags: Alfies View

It's been a while since I've posted a dog picture just for the heck of it!  So here it is... Just when you think your life is difficult and you've got a lot on your plate... spare a thought for this tired looking Dalmatian! I should probably launch a quiz to see exactly how many there are in the bed!!  Count the spots!!

Alfie's View - Running for Charity


Published: 04/04/2016   Last Updated: 01/09/2016 14:35:43   Tags: Alfies View

What a lovely Easter weekend!  Loads of chocolate, a little bit of sunshine and a lot of relaxing!   Not for Nigel's daughter Jess though, who is busy training for this years London Marathon.  She is aiming to raise £3,000 for the Katie Piper Foundation and Malvern's are delighted to have supplied some of her training and running gear!  To donate please go to Jess's Just Giving page at:  Thank You.

Alfies View - Congratulations Niki!


Published: 30/03/2016   Last Updated: 01/09/2016 14:23:56   Tags: Alfies View

Well it's been some time since I posted any news from the office and I can only apologise for the delay!  Claire has been sunning herself in Spain, Ria is sunning herself in India and Nigel has been sunning himself in his sickbed in Wapping! Thankfully, all is well with Nigel, Claire is back from her holiday and I can return to writing about office life at Malverns!  There has been some exciting news though, as Niki has been studying hard and has achieved the National Federation of Property Professionals Level 3 Technical Award in The Sale of Residential Property.  The technical award, which is a nationally recognised industry qualification, meets the National Association of Estate Agents membership requirements.  The NAEA is the UK's foremost professional body for estate agents, aiming to promote better regulation and higher practice standards in the UK market.  Niki has been working as an agent for 2 years and comments 'It was important to secure this recognised qualification as an estate agent, not only as a personal achievement but also a mark of professionalism and trust'.

We'd all like to congratulate Niki on her qualification and welcome her to the club here at Malverns!

Alfie's View - Sponsors Needed


Published: 15/03/2016   Last Updated: 01/09/2016 14:24:25   Tags: Alfies View

We are delighted to be sponsoring Nigel's daughter Jess, in her first ever London Marathon on April 24th.  She will be wearing the Malverns colours as well as those of the Katie Piper Foundation, the Charity Jess is raising money for.  We are hoping to help her raise her target of £3000, with a little bit of help from our loyal friends and customers.  She is already half way towards her target and we believe that with a little push and some small donations from malverns clients, we can push her over the target.  Katie Piper is a Charity that raises awareness and money for burns victims as well as acid attack victims.  Please give generously if at all possible.


Alfies View - Diary of an Office Dog


Published: 22/02/2016   Last Updated: 01/09/2016 14:36:16   Tags: Alfies View

There Ain't Nothing Like a Dame!  And we certainly found that out over the past few months!  Nigel has been dealing with one of the country's best loved actresses, who happens to also be a Dame, with the sale of her house and onward purchase of her new home!  An absolute joy to deal with, this lady has regaled us with some wonderful stories of her life in films TV and on the stage.  Having found a buyer for her beautiful town house, we then set about the search for a stylish apartment and both sale and purchase are due to go through imminently. 

Alfies View - A Sad Day


Published: 01/02/2016   Last Updated: 01/09/2016 15:00:27   Tags:

Well what a sad start to the year it's been.  With the loss of musical maestro David Bowie, earlier in the year, the tragic death of the wonderful actor Alan Rickman and now the sad death of the broadcasting legend, Terry Wogan, it's hard to find anything cheery to say.  All of these amazing people will be missed by young and old.  I know that every generation will have fond memories of  Terry in particular, whether it's my generation, who have woken up to Wogan for years on radio 2 and fondly remember his 3 nights a week chat show, or those who remember him on Blankety Blank, or my daughters generation who will remember him presenting Children In Need.  My own personal favourite was when he added his witty comments to the Eurovision Song Contest.  His appeal was universal and the sadness at his death will be felt for a long time.  We add our condolences to those of the millions across the world and wish the families strength in this sad time.

Have You Outgrown Your Home? - Is It Time To Move?


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It's hard to believe that today is the first day of February!  It only seems 5 minutes ago that we were entertaining our friends and contacts at our Christmas reception here in the office!  The market has actually been pretty good since the turn of the year, especially for Ria in the Lettings Department, who seem to be doing some excellent business.  In the Sales Department, Nigel and Niki have a few retained clients, who are actively looking to find and the one frustration is the lack of stock.  It's clear that if they get the properties at the moment, they can sell them.  If you are contemplating a move this year, or have simply outgrown your existing home (just like me!) it might be that now is the best time, with an abundance of buyers looking to move quickly and a shortage of homes to move to.  Similarly, we have the investors who are practically queuing up to buy ahead of the April 1st increase in second home tax.  Call us now for a free market appraisal, whether it's for sales or rentals.

Alfies View - A weekend in the Country


Published: 12/01/2016   Last Updated: 01/09/2016 14:33:54   Tags:

What an amazing weekend and a lovely long walk with my new friend Pickle!  She'll never replace Smudge but she is a complete bundle of fun and really quite tiring!  We had the best weekend, splashing in the puddles and watching the sheep in the countryside and managed to completely put the stress of office life behind us!  Meanwhile, back in office land, Nigel is preparing for a short break to Bordeaux.  I'm told it's a cultural visit, with nothing to do with the local vineyards... we shall see!  Business is still really busy, both on sales and lettings and deals continue to be done.

I couldn't possibly post today without a mention of the pop legend David Bowie.  I know that Nigel, Claire, Ria and all the staff were saddened to hear of his early death and that he will be fondly remembered by everyone who had their own favourite Bowie track.  RIP to the coolest man we have ever known.

Alfies View - Happy New Year


Published: 05/01/2016   Last Updated: 01/09/2016 14:33:30   Tags: Alfies View

Can you believe that quick as a flash, it's all over?  Where did the last few weeks go?  All the team are back in the office and trying to catch up with a stack of emails from prospective buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants.  Sales and lettings lines are busy and everybody is optimistic that the signs are good for 2016.  Please feel free to pop in with a treat for me and a chat with either Ria in lettings, Nigel in sales or Niki, who would be happy to discuss either!  From all at Malverns, including Claire from Property Management, we would like to wish all our clients and friends a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Alfie's View - the Diary of an Office Dog


Published: 23/09/2015   Last Updated: 23/09/2016 09:32:47   Tags:

Happy New Year - What a treat it is to be back in the office.  Not only to have the choice of comfy seats and sofas to relax on but also because the team has grown (and I don't just mean their waistlines).  Our new Negotiator has taken his place in the busy sales team, alongside Peter and that means plenty more opportunities to get fed !  Nigel Humphriss is the latest addition to the office and he brings over 28 years experience in estate Agency with him.  Not that I care about that too much as he seems to love dogs and can't resist petting me throughout the day !  If it keeps him happy I don't mind at all.

It seems to be a steady start to the year, with sales and rentals getting a good number of enquiries and many of our established clients popping in to give me a stroke, have a cup of coffee and wish the team a Happy New Year.  Viewings are up for the time of year and as they move towards Spring, the sales and lettings teams are confident that plenty more quality properties will come to the market.  With the launch of a Brand New Property Website., set for 26th January, there is a real buzz in the office.  Expectations are high that this will offer a fresh, new way of marketing property and Malverns are right up there as one of the founding agents.  Anyway, I hope I haven't let the cat out of the bag (the office isn't big enough for that).  There will be much more on the launch of the website as we approach the date.  In the meantime, I am off to find another comfy seat to sleep on and I will be back with more updates on Friday.   




Alfie's View - Sun's Shining!


Published: 10/04/2015   Last Updated: 01/09/2016 14:05:09   Tags:

How glorious to have had a full week of warmer weather and what a weekend on the horizon!  The Masters Golf, the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race and a massive Manchester derby , not to mention the Grand National to look forward to.. we can never complain about a lack of sporting events in the UK!  I thought I'd have a bit of fun and list my predictions... or Alfie's Tips!!

Boat Race - Oxford by 6 lengths.

Masters Golf - Jordan Spieth by 2 shots from Rory McIlroy.

Manchester Derby - United 2 - 1 City

Grand National - Shutthefrontdoor (I love the name!)

Watch this space!!  If they all come in, you might find me in Barbados on Monday eating treats by the pool!!

Have a fabulous weekend and don't spend all of it in front of the TV... get out and do something exciting!!



Alfie's View - Happy Easter


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Well that's the last time I try and do pilates!  My muscles are aching from my head to my tail!  It was easy for the rest of them who were celebrating Ria's birthday with a glass of bubbles before starting the class but I had to do it from cold... never again!

I can't believe we are approaching Easter weekend already!  It only seems like 5 minutes since I was writing my first ever blog in January.  Time flies when you're having so much fun.

Well what a few months it's been.  One member of staff in and one out... a slow beginning but a gradual increase in activity, a launch of a new web portal and a looming election!  Plenty there to keep everyone occupied.  I know that Nigel has been busy with valuations, due in part to the change of Capital Gains Tax laws for foreign investors, while the girls have been busy with viewings on their new properties.

It looks like I have an exciting weekend planned, with my Cousin Lulu coming down to see me on Good Friday, a rest day on Saturday, followed by my Grandson Felix visiting for a country walk on Easter Sunday!

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend whatever your plans, just be careful and watch out for the wind on Sunday, it's supposed to be blowing a gale!

I'll be back on Tuesday with an update, but in the mean time, enjoy your family, enjoy your chocolate and remember the sacrifice made so long ago and the real reason we celebrate Easter. Have a great time!

Alfies View - Spring is Here!


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Well after such a tiring weekend it must be time to lie down and enjoy the warm sunshine?  What a joy to see the blue skies and feel the sun on our backs!  It makes coming in to the office even more pleasurable.  I'm afraid it's always a quiet time for Estate Agents at Easter but we're fully expecting to take off from where we were a week ago, as soon as everybody's back at work.  We certainly won't be sitting on our laurels as we have to make sure all the new properties are finding their way to all our prospective tenants or buyers!  Valuations are still being done for all the overseas vendors and landlords who are now subject to new capital Gains Tax Laws and of course there are always the very serious buyers who look for a good investment whatever the time of year!  In fact, what better time to look at a good investment than when everybody else is on holiday?

Well I've got some serious sleeping to do, to get over my hectic Easter weekend!  Until Friday it's Bye For Now!

Alfies View - The Diary of an Office Dog


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Welcome back from your Easter Holidays!  I hope you are enjoying the beautiful Spring sunshine as much as we are here in the office!  Ice creams, cold drinks and a supply of Prosecco in the fridge!  We have also noticed a slight pick up in the levels of activity as well.  Nigel has a number of retained clients looking to find as soon as possible and Jo and Ria are their usual busy selves in Lettings.  Not to mention Claire beavering away in management, which always seems busy.  The excitement about the election seems to be growing, with all sorts of promises being made by all the protagonists. It's difficult to know what to believe!  I am only interested in tax on dog food!

I hope you like the bandana by the way!  It's partly to celebrate the upcoming election but also to remind everybody to celebrate St Georges Day on April 23rd!  We always find time for a Guinness on Patricks Day, so why not celebrate our own Patron Saint?  Plenty of time left to organise your party, so get those beers and pies in...  Have a great week!!

Alfies View - A Night at The Theatre


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I can only say sorry for the lack of activity on my blog!  With one thing and another I've simply been too busy to sit down and report back to you.  I assure you it won't happen again.  The full team enjoyed themselves immensely last night, with a fun trip to the Ivy Market Grill in Covent Garden, followed by Beautiful the Musical about Carole Kings life.  I understand it was fabulous and well worth a visit if you can get tickets.  Tonight they are all looking forward to Violettas visit for the weekly Pilates Class!  I get the impression that following last nights antics Nigel is hoping for a relaxed session!  Not a lot to report on the property front, although Nigel has successfully sold another parking space and the lettings team seem to be endlessly placing tenants into properties! Claire remains as busy as ever in Property Management.  With St Georges Day tomorrow, I am keen to see all the patriotic amongst you waving the flag and celebrating the day.  Have a pint of good English Beer and maybe some Fish and Chips!  I'll be wearing my bandana with pride!! 

Alfies View - Diary of an Office Dog


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Well, I guess it comes to all of us!  The time has finally come where I don't have long enough paws to read a menu...  I thought I would 'come out' in public and confess that I've succumbed to reading glasses.  I was hoping to go for the sophisticated Colin Firth look but I think I've gone more down the Edna Everage route!  Still it's not as if I'm vain!

HAPPY ST GEORGES DAY by the way!!!

Alfies View - A Weekend Fishing!


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What a lovely weekend!  After a really tough week at work there really is nothing as relaxing as a fishing trip in the beautiful Surrey countryside!  Not that I was doing the fishing of course, I left that to the men but I was having enormous amounts of fun digging and burying!  I have no idea why I do it either, before you ask, but I really enjoy burying my head in the mud!  Of course, the down side is that I had to be scrubbed clean, blow dried and brushed to get me back to normal!  The men did well though, catching 5 trout between them.  JP has smoked them and we now have trout pate waiting to be eaten.  I've noticed that Nigel is particularly quiet today, due to a certain football team getting hammered by Everton at the weekend 3-0!  I won't pester him for treats just yet!  Although the smile will be back on his face soon as he is only a week away from a lovely holiday to Miami and Coata Rica! 

Lots of activity though, with 2 new flats coming to the market for sale and plenty of business being done by Ria and Jo in Lettings.  I hope you all had as good a weekend as I did and I'll be back with an update this Thursday.  Bye for now.

Alfies View - Precious Moments


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Well sometimes you just see a picture and have to share it!  This adorable pair of King Charles Cavaliers have clearly had an exhausting day.  I know exactly what they feel like after my frenetic weekend of fishing and walking!  Occasionally you have to take time out with family and appreciate the smaller things in life. Parents won't always be around and kids grow up before you know it... give them a hug and savour the moment... you won't regret it.

On a different note, there really isn't long to go until the election, so don't forget to make time to vote!  We are expecting great things after May 7th, with properties coming to the market whoever wins!  Is there a Canine Party I can vote for?

Alfies View - Diary of an Office Dog


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THE TENTACLES OF MALVERNS SPREAD AS FAR AS BOURNEMOUTH!  Incredibly, even though we are situated in the heart of South Kensington and specialise in Prime Central London, we have just tied up a sale to a retained client from Spain, in the Sunny Seaside Resort of Bournemouth!  Nigel spent the day on the South Coast, with his client and subject to a satisfactory survey, this should all complete in a matter of weeks. It just goes to show that you don't have to have a gleaming shiny office in a town to have success there and with the right research and a bit of clever negotiation, it's possible to sell properties anywhere!  Take advantage of this UK wide service and Nigel would be delighted to do all the research on your behalf!

Alfies View - Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks


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It's amazing how many treats I can wangle out of all the staff here by simply learning a new trick!  Nigel has persisted for some time in trying to get me to wait for a small treat and when I say small, I mean tiny!  To humour him, I have just this week started to 'obey' his commands.  Well if it keeps him happy, I am prepared to wait an extra few seconds before he lets me have it.  The real truth is that I have actually been training Nigel!  If I nonchalantly wander over to him with that puppy dog look that I've perfected, he will automatically get up and follow me to the kitchen.  Now I think that is well trained!  these humans aren't as daft as they look!  On other less important matters, we were delighted in the office to have a nice exchange of contracts on one of our sales this week, whilst the lettings girls have been busily finding tenants for a number of their properties.  It may be Summer holidays but we are still ticking along nicely.  Be sure to check out our website and feel free to pop in and visit us.  Have a good week!

Alfies View - Never Too Old!


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Well great excitement in the office this morning, as Nigel prepares for his final football match on Sunday!  This time he says he really is hanging up his boots! I'm sure we will hear all about it on Monday morning, as he limps around the desk.  At 53 it really is time that he took up fly fishing and golf!

Alfies View - Diary of an Office Dog


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Well it's great to be back in the office with all the team.  That said, I think Nigel is swanning off again for a few days over the break but I'll make hay while the sun shines and perfect my tricks for treats, whilst everybody is here! 

I don't think I can write the blog without saying how sorry everybody was to hear of the tragedy at Shoreham Air Show.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims families and friends and to those still recovering in hospital. 

We have had a relatively quiet August in the office and have certainly felt the effects of the School Holidays.  However, the feeling is that there is a busy spell just around the corner!  It makes sense to get your property valued now, ahead of the rush in September and take advantage of our Autumn Offers on fees, whether you are selling or renting.

Please feel free to pop in and meet the team or simply come in to see me!!  I'd love to see you.

Alfies View - A Dog's View of Office Life


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Well here it is... even at the age of 53, Nigel has proved that you really are never too old!  On Sunday last week, he was delighted to wear the Blue and Black stripes of Bromley Sports for the last time.  The team were slightly larger around the waistline and thinner around the hairline but they still put up a brave show against a team averaging 24 years old (against an average of 48!).  Nigel even got the last goal in a gallant 2-5 defeat but enjoyed every second of the day.  After the game the usual pub was revisited and 'celebrations' lasted throughout the evening!

Alfie's View - Christmas Diary of a Westie


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Well I'm still in shock that the whole office went merrily off to The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time, and I wasn't invited!  Of all the plays in the West End at present, surely one about a dog would have been ideal for me?  It was apparently fabulous, and has a special treat at the end, involving a small soft, cuddly, surprise, with 4 very little legs!  I'm pleased to say that everybody had a great time and the show sounded amazing. Meanwhile back in the office., the sales and lettings markets seem to be slowing down, which is expected in December, although Ria and Nigel are still negotiating deals.   It is no surprise that there are a number of Buy to Let Investors looking to complete on deals ahead of the April deadline for the 3% tax increase.  If you are keen to make a purchase, do make contact with Nigel here and he will be delighted to offer you some advice and search out a deal.

Anyway, enough from me, I'm off to seek out some Christmas treats and open my advent calendar!


Nigels View - Diary of an Estate Agent


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Well, with Christmas closing in on us at a pace, I think it's a good time to reflect on the less fortunate, around the world, who sadly won't be enjoying the same festivities.  We were delighted to attend the Annual Carol Concert at Holy Trinity, Sloane Square, in aid of the wonderful charity 'Cairn Trust', whose remit is to give a better life to children in Nepal, who have suffered since the catastrophic earthquake hit their country.  The concert was an absolute joy but our thoughts were very much with the people of Nepal.  To donate to the wonderful cause, please visit


Alfies View - Diary of an Office Dog


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It's Snowing!  what fun... I know you humans don't always agree but I love it!  I can always win at 'hide and seek' and I never feel the cold, thanks to this fantastic coat, plus I get to run around wherever I want! 

Anyway, enough about me.  The weekend has been and gone and the TV launch of happened on Sunday.  The response was incredible, with hundreds of enquiries for sales and lettings and lots of potential business.  The adverts for the site will feature throughout this week, with all the main channels running it.  Maybe this will be the kickstart we needed to really get the market moving.  Our decorator Julian has finally left the office, looking much smarter than when he arrived!  New filing cabinets and fresh paint everywhere,  mean we look so professional now.  I've noticed that our Twitter feed is growing in popularity as well, with approaching 100 followers, which after a week is an excellent response.  Meanwhile, our glamorous TV star, Ria, will be appearing again on BBC's Homes Under The Hammer today.  Her expert opinion has been called for on a few ocassions now and although it won't go to her head, I'm sure that Hollywood beckons!!  Anyway, I'm off to set the TV to record and to catch some snow balls (if it hasn't all melted!).  Have a great Tuesday!

Nigels View - Diary of an Estate Agent


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Well I've decided to give Alfie a day off as there are only so many stories about treats and walkies you would want to read in a week!  I have been busy sifting through the numerous email leads coming in from the new web portal, I caught the advert for the portal in the middle of Broadchurch this week and I have to say, it looks very impressive.  Having said that, I was totally confused by Broadchurch at the time, so anything would have looked good!

I'm due to take a trip to the top of the 'Walkie Talkie' tomorrow morning, for a coffee and brunch and a look at the 'highest public garden in London'!  Tickets are apparently still available for free at the moment, so I'll report back next week to let you know how it was.

I'm sure to be watching the huge rugby match in the evening, so I'll say 'may the best team win!'  (as long as it's England!).  Alfie will be back in the chair from next week, so until then, have a lovely Thursday .

Good Luck England!


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I just wanted to wish our boys the best of luck for tomorrows game.  Obviously, I'd like to wish our Welsh clients the very best of luck as well.  Let's hope for a sporting match with the best team winning! 

Alfies View - Diary of an Office Dog


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Well incredibly, the weekend is on us again but what a weekend it plans to be!  Rugby tonight has certainly got Nigel excited and I know the rest of the team now have an excuse to head out for a drink straight from work! (like they need an excuse!).  I will be hoping for long walks and pub snacks as ever. Hopefully we get loads of snow and plenty of time to enjoy it!

Whatever you are doing, remember to spend time with the family, put the lead on your dog and enjoy the crisp winter sunshine together.  Have a fabulous weekend and don't forget to log in on Monday for more news from Malverns.

Alfies View - A Weekend With Smudge!


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Regular readers of my blog, will know that the love of my life is a labrador called Smudge!  So what better way to spend the weekend than chasing her around muddy fields, diving (cautiously, after last time) into puddles and basically being silly together?  That sums up my weekend!  How was yours?  I know there was a small matter of an International rugby match on Friday, so I should congratulate England for a monumental win in Cardiff.  However I'd also like to congratulate the Welsh ladies for their win against Englands ladies!

Nigel has been enthusing about a restaurant he visited on Saturday night, called 'The Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs.  Apparently, 12 courses!  He needs to be jogging in to work this week!!

I think it's a good time to remind the romantics out there about a certain day that is rapidly aproaching... so if you haven't already ordered your flowers or chocolates, I suggest you do it soon!!  I will be hoping for another romantic weekend with my favourite labrador.

The property market has, meanwhile, continued to improve, with some high quality leads coming through our many portals.  So if you are thinking of a Spring move, then now is the time to be thinking of getting a FREE valuation, either for sales or lettings!

In the mean time, have a lovely Monday and let's catch up later in the week.  Enjoy the sunshine!!

Alfies View - Dont Forget!


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Just a little reminder to all the romantics out there!  If I can get hold of roses, I'm sure that you can too!  It's time to remember the one you love and how much she or he does for you every day... say it with flowers! 

For the ultimate Valentines gift, go to our website and search for a romantic new home!!  It'll certainly impress them more than Terrys All Gold!

Alfie's View - Time To Buy A Larger Home?


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Sometimes it's worth posting a photo purely for the hell of it!  This image show's a baby in the 1930's precariously 'housed' in a cage, some 5 floors off the ground!  It looks perfectly safe to me... I bet the dog is inside in the warm?

Alfies View - World Cup Fever!!


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Wow... what a weekend of sport we have ahead of us!  Nigel can bearly contain his excitement!  Good luck to Englands cricketers in the World Cup, good luck to all the home nations in the rugby... especially England,  who play Italy and then we have the overpaid footballers struggling against lower league opposition in the FA Cup...  And all of this comes on the most romantic day of the year... what irony!  Personally, I'm off to Derbyshire for the weekend, so I will no doubt end up in a pub watching all of it!

Sadly, I won't get to see Smudge on Valentines Day!  Hopefully she knows my feelings towards her... 

On the property front there has been a lot of activity, with Nigel instructed to find a client a substantial property in London to run a business from... and then the potential to sell the clients property in one of the areas most prime locations!  I'm sure that more details of this will be posted on our website as soon as it is available.

The lettings team have been extremely active, with a number of viewings and although I don't get so spoiled when they are out of the office, it is good to know we are getting busier!

That's all from me for now, so in the mean time remember to tell your partner how much you love them... let them watch TV for the afternoon but insist they take you out in the evening! 

Happy Valentines Day.

Alfie's VIew - Planes Trains and Automobiles!


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Well it's so good to be back in the office for a rest! What a hectic weekend it was!  From the moment we got a train, to visiting Derby Cathedral and spending time with some elderly relatives, followed by a chilly walk through the snow bells in the woods and the customary stop in a pub for lunch... I've been in taxis, cars, trains and sloshed through puddles and fields, but it was brilliant!  The problem is that I'm now exhausted.. I can bearly type this !!  I think I'll find my bed today and let the rest of them get on with their work...  Talking of which, they seem to be busy beavering away with all the leads that came in over the weekend.  Nigel has a client looking to move to a new commercial premises in Kings Cross and the rental team, Jo and Ria, are busy on viewings!  Whatever you are doing, have a great few days and I will be back with an update later in the week.

Alfie's View - Pancake Day


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How could I possibly blog today without mentioning the fact that it's Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday!  I know that it will be throwing a spanner in the works of everyone's diet but I guess that's why we go immediately into Lent!   Happy Tossing!!

Alfie's View - Diary of an Office Dog

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Wow, just when you think Spring is here, the temperature drops and it starts raining!  I find the only way to deal with a wet fur coat is to race around the office in a figure of 8, at 100mph!!  It seems to keep the humans amused... but they can't keep up!

It's been an interesting week, especially as it's half term, which is usually quiet.  A lot of sales and lettings enquiries and a good number of viewings have kept Ria and Jo busy and Nigel seems to have been a lot more active as well.  I'm not one to blow my own trumpet but the painting of me, being used in our 'Everyone needs an Alfie' campaign, is incredibly good and hopefully quite eyecatching!  Let's hope I can earn my keep and generate a lot of new leads for the team!  I'm off home now, so have a lovely evening... don't forget to get up at 3.00am and watch Englands cricketers take on New Zealand!  I'll be back tomorrow, so catch you then!

Happy Chinese New Year


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We, at Malverns, would like to wish all our Chinese clients and friends a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Alfie's View


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Sometimes it's worth posting a picture just because you feel like cheering people up!  When all the troubles of the world feel like they are getting on top of you and you are struggling to smile, remember how lucky you are to have what you have.  Make sure you surround yourselves with family and really enjoy each others company... In the words of an anonymous author 'Families are like fudge... mostly sweet but with a few nuts'!!  Have a fantastic weekend and I'll be back on Monday!

Alfie's View


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Well where is the time going?  No sooner am I leaving the office on a Friday evening for an exciting weekend of walks and pub lunches, than it comes around again and I realise I haven't added to my Blog all week!  Sorry about the lack of input on my part.

It's been an interesting few days, with Nigel and Ria vying for the title of sickest employee!  Ria's back is better but her cold is blossoming, whilst Nigel seems to have shaken off the bug and is concentrating on his heart! The joys of working with 'mature' colleagues!  Still, at least they haven't passed anything on to me or the rest of the team yet!  Big news on the Pilates front is that Claire, Ria and Jo have progressed so far, they are now 'planking' for up to 3 minutes!  For those who don't know, this is where you hold your body weight in the press up position for a set time!  Not easy for Nigel with his 16 stone bulk!!  I do my best to motivate them by wandering around and licking faces but that seems to have the opposite effect. Personally, I don't know what all the fuss is about, I can stay on all fours for a couple of hours!

The good news is that although the market slowed down over half term, and there is a slight nervousness with the election looming, there are still some beautiful properties coming on.  It's also interesting to see that they are accross the board in terms of values.  Some atttractive 1 bedroom apartments at the £1m mark and some exclusive homes at the very top end, so plenty to view if you are in the market to get moving early in the Spring.

I will be back with a brief itinerary of my weekend plans and in the meantime want to leave you with a beautiful image of the Station I sit and look out at every day!  South Kensington 100 years ago was certainly a very different place..

Alfie's View - Happy Friday!


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Well it's amazingly time for me to round up the events of the week just gone and look forward to a weekend ahead!  Hopefully this gorgeous sunshine is here to stay as I've managed to park myself on every single hot spot in the office as it beams through the windows!  I've certainly got a frenetic weekend ahead, with the visit of my nieces and grandchild on Friday and Saturday respectively... a 3, 6 and 8 year old!  I can see it now, being chased around the house and swung around by my tail... still they are lovely so I'll forgive them anything!  I know Claire is looking forward to looking after them and her trip to see Shaun the Sheep and I also know she will be desperate for a breather and to come back to work on Monday!  Hopefully the little ones will drop treats all over the house, especially if I give them a gentle nudge.

Don't forget to get behind your teams in the World Cup... England are playing Ireland, which promises to be a lovely gentle game!  Also, we have the English Cricket team in a must win game against Sri Lanka... so that keeps Nigel occupied for a couple of days!  In the mean time I'm posting a super cute picture of one of my distant cousins alone at dinner time... What could be worse than having to eat alone every single day?  Why not make the effort this weekend to visit a friend or see the family... you know it makes sense!


Good Luck England!!


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Good Luck all teams taking part in the 6 Nations this weekend!

Alfies View - Friday 9th january

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Happy Friday!

Well I've finally dried out from all the rain on Thursday!  I have no idea why they insist on taking me for a walk in the pouring rain, when it's obvious I'll come back smelling like a dog!

Sadly it has felt a little sombre in the office over the past 24 hours, due, I'm sure to the awful events in Paris.  I know we would all like to send our condolences to the family and friends of those concerned.

On a cheerier note, it's been an interesting few days, with the level of activity in the office gradually gathering momentum.  I can always tell by the amount of time I spend sat by the office door, counting the staff back in from their appointments, rather like aircraft returning from sorties!  Still, a busy office means everyone is happy and when everyone is happy, I get more treats throughout the day!  On the subject of treats, I want to let Ria know, that the brown 'sugar cube' like objects, in a brown paper bag in the kitchen, are in fact doggie treats, which, I'll have you know, take a lot of earning!  They are not, as you now know, sugar cubes, to be put in Nigels coffee!  Not only does he not deserve them, as he does no tricks at all, but he certainly won't notice his drinks getting any sweeter, however many you choose to put in!

With the weekend approaching, I can sense the feeling is very optimistic that January will in fact be a good month and this will be reflected in  some strong results in February.

I'm off now to remind Jo that it's time to walk me to the post box.  I really believe that if I didn't gently nudge her legs at 5.00pm every day, there would be a pile of letters waiting to be posted and dating back to Christmas.

Personally I can't wait for tomorrow, when I'm meeting Smudge the labrador, for a drink at our local pub!  No doubt Claire will partake in one while she waits for me! Have a fabulous weekend and I'll be back with an update next week!


Start Tweeting

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Really excited that the office has finally allowed me to have my own Twitter Account. I'm still learning what to do, so bear with me.  I just know I can be found at @MalvernsSth_Ken .  Happy Tweeting!

Alfies View – The Diary of an Office Dog


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Back to Work for a Rest!     Monday 12th January.         

Well what a weekend that was.  A long trip to Wiltshire sounded great, and a meeting with my best friend Smudge the Labrador.  I envisaged the two of us being sat in front of a cosy fireplace, while Claire enjoyed the local wines and maybe even dropped a few scraps for Smudge and I to fight over.  Not exactly the whole story!  I had no idea I was going to have to earn it with some country walks in the freezing cold and a near death experience in a freezing  river.  Let me elaborate...  Smudge is my best friend and I will follow her everywhere!  That was my problem.  I was happily trying to keep warm by chasing her tail and getting my heart going, when the daft mutt, decided to leap off the riverbank, from a height of about 4 feet, straight into the water.  I guessed that if she knows I’m behind her, it can’t be that deep.  Sadly I was wrong.  Before I knew it I was trying to remember the one stroke I know,  to get back to the bank.  I have to say even that Smudge looked scared,  as it was deeper than her as well.  What I can’t understand is how she came out of the episode looking like the gorgeous blonde bombshell she is, yet I came out looking like a drowned rat? Still, if I’m honest, I enjoyed every minute and it was lovely to end up in the pub, drying next to the cosy fireplace!

Coming back to work after a weekend away, has always been a bit of a struggle but when the atmosphere in the office is so positive, it actually becomes quite a pleasure.  Julian the decorator has just arrived with brush in hand and will be another opportunity to grab some treats as the week progresses and although Nigel seems quiet,  as Manchester United lost again at the weekend , I’m sure he will be up for a sneaky treat later in the day!  I must say, I am excited to see how the office looks at the end of the week!  I’m sure the team would love you to pop in and see for yourselves.  Maybe you could discuss exactly what the property market is doing at the moment.  I know that both lettings and sales are certainly picking up.  Also, remember to ask about the new website,  from what I hear, this is going to compete head to head with Rightmove and Zoopla, giving much greater choice to our many property hunters. 

OK, well for the time being, that’s all from me as it must be time for my porridge, and an early morning nap.  I’ll be back with an update as soon as possible.

Alfies View - Tuesday 13th January


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Good afternoon all!  Not a lot to report today I'm afraid. Clearly everyone in the office is focussed on their work, so I have to entertain myself.  Having said that, searching for my missing toy has taken most of the morning!  I'm sure people deliberately hide my toys to keep me on my toes!  Even Julian the decorator, is busy and he hasn't dropped any of his food for me to grab.  Not that I'm surprised , as he hasn't even spilt a sigle drop of paint either! I know that everyone in the office was worried I'd end up a shade of Farrow and Balls, 'Elephants Breath', as I'm forever sniffing the newly painted walls... I love the smell!!

I did manage to sneak one treat though, from under a staff members desk!  She can remain anonymous though as I may well get some more later.


Counting down to the launch of the new website, we only now have 13 days to go.  It should make a huge difference to the level of activity in the office.


Well, have a great evening and be sure to follow us on our brand new Twitter feed (from the link on the website).

New Web-Site Coming Very Soon

Last Updated: 13/01/2015 16:32:31   Tags:

Well this is very exciting!  I've been asked to make a formal announcement, which, for a Westie, is a real honour!


'We would like to announce the launch of an exciting new property portal, which will be live from January 26th and will be a direct competitor to Rightmove and Zoopla. The name of this portal is 'On The Market .com' and we at Malverns were one of the first of thousands of UK agencies to join this new project.  From January 26th you will be able to find all of our sales and rental properties on. 'On The Market .Com

There will be an extensive campaign, within days of going live, including National TV, Press and a broad range of further digital activity.  A TV commercial will be aired nationally on ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 as well as several high profile satelite channels.  the press campaign will run in a range of National mid-market and quality titles, including the Times, Telegraph, Sunday Times, Country Life, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Scotsman and the Glasgow Herald.

'On The Market' will have no share holders or share capital and all profits will be used to improve the portal and its property serching experience for tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers.  There will be nono advertisements for other products.  This portal is purely a very 'user-friendly' property portal.

We hope that you will visit 'On The Market .Com and look forward to hearing your comments.

Alfies View - Time to Sun Bathe

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What a gorgeous day... just don't go outside, it's freezing!  I've been moving around the office all day, finding the sun spots and catching the rays!!


The painting of the office seems to be nearing completion, so give us a day or so and then feel free to pop in for a coffee and a chat.

There are now only 12 days before the website launches and so the excitement is growing on a daily basis.  Please be sure to check out the website on launch day - details to follow!


I've done some research today and found out that not only are we the one agent in the UK, that has a blog 'written' by a dog, but we appear to be the most experienced office in London (unless you know differently).  Between the oldies in the office, they have over 160 years experience in Estate Agency!  I guess I shouldn't say too much as I'm 73yrs old myself!!


Lot's more properties appear to be coming to the market and will be posted on our own website soon but previews can be found later on our Twitter account.


Enjoy the sunshine and stay warm.  Until next time :)


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Alfies View - Pilates comes to the Office!

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Well what was that all about?  I usually get taken home at about 6.00pm, following a hard day at the office, but it all changed last night!  Before I could get my lead on, I noticed the mats being laid out and a flurry of activity as all the staff were getting changed into some very stylish 'sports wear'!  Violetta, our tame Russian instructor, turned up looking scary in a Russian Athletics Team, track suit and I could tell that Nigel was beginning to regret agreeing to his first ever pilates class! Thankfully, Violetta was still feeling the effects of a heavy Russian New Years Eve, the night before and so I think she went easy on the team.  I did my best to motivate each member with a sloppy wet kiss as they were 'planking' and even sat on Nigels lap to stop him falling off his mat! They say that a healthy body equals a healthy mind but looking at Nigel this morning, typing really slowly, I'm not sure it's worked it's way through yet!!  Jo, Claire and Ria, however are all experts and look fully refreshed!  Of course the team helped celebrate Russian New Year, the moment they finished, by opening a bottle of bubbles and a plate of cold meats that conveniently kept dropping to my waiting paws on the floor! So it wasn't all bad.


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Website Launch Offer

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On the 26th of January, the new website, 'On The Market . com' launches throughout the UK.  Here at Malverns, we are celebrating the launch by giving away £100.00 vouchers, to the first three people who request a market valuation, and place their property on the market, following the launch.  No small print... simply market your home through our South Kensington office, following the launch and the vouchers are yours.  Good luck!!


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Alfies View - Puppy Love

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I thought I'd leave you for the weekend with a charming picture... If ever you think you've got it tough, just remember that someone, somewhere, is worse off than you!  have a great weekend!!


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Alfies View - The Diary of an Office Dog

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Well where did that week go?  I hardly seem to have had a chance to sit down and suddenly it's Friday again!  I guess that's a good thing, as it means the office is busy and business is booming!  From my perspective, I know I've had to entertain myself this week as the team are busy looking at properties and speaking to new applicants. That's not to say I haven't received my fair share of petting and a fair few treats as the week's gone on but I prefer it when the office is quiet and I'm the centre of attention!  I understand that a week today, the new website is to launch and I know that the whole team are excited about it.  They've even launched a celebratory offer, to the first three instructions received after the launch, from people looking to sell their homes, a prize of a £100 Peter Jones voucher!  Thats a lot of doggie treats!  If you are thinking of selling and you live in the SW1,3,5,6,7 or 10 areas, then why not call Nigel or Peter now?  Nigel should be able to deal with your call, although he's been walking around the office like he's been punched in the chest, following the Pilates class on Wednesday.  That'll teach him to think he can compete with the fit girls in the office!  I'm off now to sniff out a treat and prepare for some long walks over the weekend.  Have a lovely few days and remember to check in on Monday to hear the latest.

Alfies View - Monday 19th January


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Happy Monday!

Incredibly, today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year! Not for me it's not!  The office is buzzing, due, I'm sure to the launch of On The Market .com later this week and personally I've had a fabulous time on the golf course this weekend!  I know how annoying it is for everyone, when I get myself covered in mud but it really was impossible to avoid the huge puddle and I'm afraid it was too tempting anyway!  Still, the downside was being experimented on with 'dry shampoo' when I got home!  I felt like a girl... they will be putting my hair in curlers next!

It seems that the office is ready for the launch of the website this week.   Be sure to look at the Malverns site for our special celebration offer!  I'm sure everyone can find an excuse to spend £100 of Peter Jones vouchers!  I quite fancy a doggie coat and some mittens.. it's freezing at the moment!

I've had a request for more photo's to be put on the site and am happy to oblige! 


Finally, Nigel and Ria separately visited the cinema this weekend, one saw American Sniper and the other saw Paddington.  See if you can guess who saw which!  Both films are highly recommended by the way!

Have a great Monday and let's catch up soon.

Alfies View - Love Is In The Air


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I know there is only one dog for me and that is a certain labrador called Smudge but now seems an appropriate time to remind everyone that the most romantic day of the year is just around the corner!  Don't forget to say it with flowers... and if you feel like a new home might put a spark back into your relationship, then be sure to check our website for all the latest sales and rental properties!

Alfies View - On The Market .Com

Last Updated: 22/01/2015 13:46:17   Tags:

Well the big day is almost on us and the excitement seems to be at fever pitch!  I'm not talking about Cambridge Uniteds FA Cup tie against Manchester United, but rather, the launch, on Monday, of . The TV ads will start this weekend and you should be able to read about it in all the National Press as well as the Evening Standard. The new site, which will be unhampered by banner advertising and solely displaying properties, will make the whole search experience, be it for a property to rent or buy, a far more enjoyable one.  It brings state of the art technology and eliminates the distracting advertising and add-ons found on all other sites.  I know the team here are extremely excited to be one of the founding agents and look forward to discussing the benefits of the site with future clients and buyers'.  As an office dog, the more clients we get in to discuss the benefits, the more chances of getting a treat brought in!  Cant wait!

Alfies View - The Diary of an Office Dog

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It's Friday Again!  The weeks are just flying by at the moment!  Nigel Claire, Jo and Ria are preparing to wrap up the week with a small glass of something cold and wet and I'm already excited about my trip to Richmond Park tomorrow!  I don't think I'll jump in any lakes this week, as that was far too traumatic last time!  Most of my walk will be spent avoiding the deer that roam the park!  When you're as small as I am, they are huge....

Nigel says, It's been an encouraging week on the work front, with some spectacular new properties available for sale and rent in some of the country's prime locations.  We really are lucky to be situated in an area that boasts such prestigeous addresses, not to mention the amazing restaurants, bars and shops!

Everything is in place for the launch of this coming Monday.  The build up has been really exciting and the TV ads will go live this weekend!  Watch out for the ads, which will explain how the site hopes to compete with Rightmove and Zoopla.  Please feel free to come and see us in our shiny, newly decorated office when you are able, as we always have the coffee on and I love the attention! 

Alfies View - A Weekend With The Family


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I forgot to say... Whatever your plans for the coming weekend, just remember to make time for your family... sit down and eat together and enjoy each others company... before you know it, the kids will be fleeing the nest and you'll regret not taking the time!  have a great 'family weekend'!

Alfies View - Diary of an Office Dog

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The day is finally on us!  All the build up and excitement surrounding the launch of the new property portal,, reached a crescendo this morning as the site finally went live.  TV adverts will begin next week, on Sunday and adverts will run in the National Press.  On first look, the site looks very clean and easy to use, with simple directions and we have already received a number of leads directly from the launch!  Be sure to have a look at the site and please give us your feedback!  Don't forget we are also running a celebratory offer of £100 Peter Jones Vouchers, to the first three properties that come to the market, following todays launch.








































Alfies View - Diary of an Office Dog

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I've finally been allowed to bring Monkey in!  For those that don't know, 'Monkey' is my favourite toy!  Obviously, it's a monkey but the best bit is that if I bite it in the right place it squeeks!  I'm trying to time it so that I bite at the time the phone rings, just to irritate Nigel... He loves it really!  Well as you can see, I've been very happy for the past few days and although it has to be said that the property market has slowed down, the level of interest in our new property portal has been extraordinary, with over 300 views on one property alone, in just 3 days!  Clearly there are people out there, looking for property.  I gather that this level of interest in January, usually leads to a busy Spring , which bodes well for the coming year.  There is still time to win the £100 Peter Jones voucher,  if you call the sales team and instruct Malverns to sell your property.  This was offered to celebrate the launch of the new web site.  Why not pop in and have a chat with Nigel, for sales, or Ria and Jo, for lettings.  You could see the newly decorated office and I could show you how well trained I am when given a treat!

Alfies View - Me and Monkey


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Alfies View - Good Luck Andy Murray


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Well, it's been an interesting day!  New filing cabinets delivered and being put together as I write this.  Fresh cream cakes bought in by Jo and devoured far to quickly by the whole team (not me, I hasten to add!)  And, all the painting finally finished by our lovely decorator, Julian!  It's been a pleasure having him around as he doesn't quite understand the rules about not feeding me... I'll certainly miss him!  There's also great excitement in the office and tennis fever has grabbed everybody, due to Andy Murrays success down under..  Cant wait for the final now!  Not to mention the Rugby Six Nations next weekend!  I don't think Nigel can contain his excitement....  I also don't know how he finds the time to sell houses in amongst all the excitement!!

Alfies View - Diary of an Office Dog


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Friday's here!  A really fun week has flown by.  The decoration of the office is finished and it looks fabulous... all my hidden bones and toys have been rescued from Julians dust sheets! Who would have thought anyone would find them there?  I've enjoyed playing with 'Monkey' all week (and so has Nigel!).  The new web-site ' has been a huge success and is due to launch on all the TV channels this Sunday!  I think everyone deserves to have a lovely restful weekend and come back ready for what, I am sure, will be a busy time next week. Take a look at the picture, and remember to make time for yourself this weekend.  Put your feet up and relax... you deserve it!  Have a lovely weekend and I'll be back on Monday with news of my exploits!!

Alfies Away - Nigels View


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We would like to wish England's Ladies Football Team, the very best of luck in the World Cup Semi Final against Japan tonight! It would be fantastic if they could show the men how it's done!

Alfie's View - He's Back!


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Well it's great to be back in the office! Claire's got a fabulous tan and Ria and Jo have got me a bag full of treats!  Nigel's got a troubled look on his face as the car he borrowed has been left with a flat battery!  Basically the office is back to normal.  I'd like to thank Nigel for filling in for me with inane drivel about Womens football and promise you that the blog will be back to normal with market updates over the coming days.  In the meantime, have a lovely Monday and enjoy Wimbledon!  Good Luck Andy Murray!!

Alfie's View - Diary of an Office Dog


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Alfies View - Beating the Tube Strike


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Well, how about that?  Everybody made it in on time, despite the tube strike!  That showed true commitment!  The worse sight of the day though, was Nigel in Lycra but he's now convinced he will be riding in every day and saving his Season Ticket money! It was a good week for sales and lettings, with a few new properties coming to the market at sensible prices.  Be sure to call now for an appointment to view, or simply pop in for a coffee and a chat.  don't forget the treats for me!!  Oh and well done to Novak at Wimbledon and the amazing England cricketers... there's a long way to go but it was a great start!

Alfie's View - Messing About On The River!


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I thought I'd share a couple of photo's from the weekend, spending some fun time with family on the riverbank!  This handsome chap is Felix, who helped Grand Dad JP land his fish, whilst I barked out instructions throughout the day!

Alfies View - Putting the Competition to Shame

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Well how sad to see the good name of the majority of people in our industry, being tarnished by the dreadful behaviour of a few bad eggs. Here at Malverns, the team are extremely proud of the way they personally deal with every situation that is put in front of them.  Whether it be simply changing a light bulb, for which there is no charge incidentally, or more serious issues like preventing the spread of Knot Weed in a garden that we are selling, the team are always there to offer help, advice and practical solutions!  Sitting in the office all day I overhear some extraordinary conversations with other agents, who simply can't be bothered to find the time to offer the service expected of a Prime Central London Agent.  With experienced (no I don't mean old!) staff, and a family business ethos, you can guarantee a warm and friendly reception from all of the team, not forgetting a warm and friendly lick from me!

Alfies View - Spa Day!


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Wow, one moment I'm snug as a bug in a lovely warm coat and the next, I'm practically naked having spent 3 hours being pampered by my personal stylist!  I thought I'd share the before and after images of my Summer Look by Daniel Galvin!  Seriously, I think it takes years off me and I probably only look about 65 now! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Alfies View - Diary of an Office Dog


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Every now and then, I see a series of pictures I have to share... If you needed something to cheer you up on a Friday, then this little fellow should do it.  On a day when more atrocities have happened across the globe, this should serve to remind us how precious every life is!  If we can show so much care and love to a small baby squirell  then why can't we all learn to live together as one?  Have a fantastic weekend, whether you're watching the cricket or the golf or just spending precious time with the family!

Alfie's View - The Diary of an Office Dog


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Well where on earth did that week go?  That's the beauty of being busy I guess.  Now I can really look forward to a weekend away fishing on the Test.  The weather looks set fair and what better way to spend the weekend?  It's been a fabulous week in the office, especially for Nigel in sales, with two properties, going under offer and one preparing to exchange contracts.  The most amazing fact is that one of the 'under offer' properties is in Bournemouth!  Yes, we here at Malverns in South Kensington, have tied up a deal for a retained client who has bought an investment flat on the South Coast.  This simply proves that we will go to all corners of the country to keep our clients happy!  Nigel is even accompanying the client on a day trip to the seaside, to see the property that has been bought unseen!  Sticks of rock and Kiss Me quick hats will no doubt be brought back as gifts!  I don't mind as long as he doesn't forget his favourite pooch!! That's all for now, so whether you are fishing, shopping or chilling at home, have a fabulous weekend and I'll be back next week!

Alfie's View - Diary of an Office Dog


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It certainly sounds like Jo and Nigel had a fabulous time last week at the Neil Diamond concert!  All we've had all day are very poor renditions of 'Sweet Caroline', 'Hello Again' and 'Love on the Rocks'!  I really don't think they should give up their day jobs!

Alfies View - Diary of an Office Dog


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Well I've seen it all now, the lengths that Malverns will go to, to keep a landlord happy!  I guess being the only male in the office who is actually capable of holding a screwdriver, it was always going to fall on Nigel's shoulders to get down on hands and knees and offer to assemble a range of Ikea furniture for a clients deadline!  Don't be fooled by the smile in the photographs, they were taken after an hour of deliberating, preparing, counting screws and measuring up, whilst moaning about back ache and sore knees!  However, this is the way we do things at Malverns.  We really go the extra mile for our clients whenever needed.  incidentally, having been installed in their new home, I can report that the units are still in one piece! Wonders will never cease!

Alfies View - The Diary of an Office Dog

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Great to see we have a full strength team back in the office! Nigel's op was a success (so far) and contrary to common belief, it was actually proven that an Estate Agent can have a heart (albeit a dodgy one).  The sun is shining and there is a real 'feel good' factor about the place.  Nigel has aked me to relay the story of a similar day in 1996.  He was a fresh faced Estate Agent, working in the beautiful village of Blackheath.  It was a Sunday morning and the Heath was at it's best, with picnics and dog walkers, romantic couples walking hand in hand as well as joggers and fitness fanatics. Nigel waited patiently for his very well to do viewer to turn up at a beautiful Victorian flat, overlooking the Heath, and currently vacant (or so he thought!).  Being the gentleman that he is, when the lady in question arrived, he unlocked the door and gestured for her to enter ahead of himself.  At this point, following a loud gasp, she beat a speedy retreat, uttering the words 'one should not have to see such a thing on a Sunday morning'!

Nigel, at this point, decided to look inside, to see a very naked, very young, couple, enjoying the benefits of a rug by the fireplace and both looking in a slightly startled fashion towards the door. The male of the pair said 'I'm sorry mate, we decided to crash here for a few days... but feel free to carry on if you don't mind us doing the same'! The moral of the story?  Stop being a gentleman... and always knock first.

Alfies View - A Day in My Life


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With so many people showing interest in my exploits, I thought I'd give you an insight into what it's like to be an office manager with four legs!  I usually arrive at the office before 9:00am to get set up for the day ahead.  I'm usually greeted by Ria, our Lettings Head and Nigel, the Head of Sales... not that I give to much attention to him at first, as Ria will always be there with a slice of Banana for me!  I then say hi to Jo from Lettings, who will have brought me in any variety of treats.  Breakfast in the office can be fantastic and can go on for at least half an hour.  Then I feel the need to say hi to Nigel, who usually has a coffee at this time and I get to finish the froth.. well we all need a caffeine fix in the morning!  A mid morning nap in a sunny spot in the office, is usually followed by a hunt for some of my buried goodies!  I usually hide my edible hedgehogs from view and dig them out when no one is looking!  Depending on how busy the staff are, lunch can often start at around midday, with everything from carrots (my favourite) to yoghurt pots, on offer.  I'm not averse to a slice of Mango either, if I catch Nigel at the right time.  I've recently discovered that a gentle nudge in the nether regions let's Nigel know I'm around and reminds him that I need feeding as well!  Claire will then take me on my daily walk around South Kensington.  It should be a 10 minute walk but I've perfected the art of stopping at every single sniffing point and dragging it out to 45 minutes!  After a long lunch of snacks and fruit, I take my well earned afternoon nap, only to be woken by Nigel who apparently needs a jog around the office at 4.00pm!  He thinks 2 small treats will keep me happy but I don't think he realises that I do it to humour him and keep the treats coming!  Before you know it, afternoon tea comes and goes and unless it's Friday (where the team enjoy some bonding over a small glass of wine) I am out of the door just after 6:00pm.. and home for Dinner! 

I hope you've enjoyed the small insight into what keeps this well oiled ship running... Malverns are the true definition of a friendly, family run business, with caring, helpful staff who will go the extra mile to offer a unique service.  Please feel free to pop in for a chat and meet me and the team, where I am sure you will find a very warm welcome!

Alfies View - Holiday Time!

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Well I can't believe he'sgoing to be away from the office for so long!  Claire has gone on her annual holiday abroad to Greece and Alfie will be away from the office for two long weeks!  It seems very quiet here without him.  I will endeavour to keep you up to speed with developments in the market during the next fortnight and might feel the need to run some old pictures of Alf on the Blog so that we don't miss him too much.  Have a great few days!

Nigels View - While Alfies Away


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Well, Alfie's still away and the office is extremely quiet without him and Claire!  Come back all is forgiven!  Business is slowly picking up and with the new marketing material being printed, featuring a fabulous picture of Alfie, we are sure to notice a surge in demand for properties for sale and rent!  We did, however, have a lovely time at the Annual Summer Party, hosted by Lonres in Belgrave Square.  Lots of 'networking' and even more drinking!  That's Ria and myself in the two photos!  Have a great week and join me in counting down the days to Alfies return!

Alfies Away - Nigels View


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Well I'm afraid it's with a heavy heart that I wrote todays blog.  I wanted to be sharing my news of a fun weekend, seeing some fantastic performers at Blenheim Palace and the fun of the Pride march through London.  I also wanted to be talking about the excitement of Wimbledon fortnight and the success of the England Ladies football team.  Sadly all of that has been deeply overshadowed by the tragic events in Tunisia.  We at Malverns would like to add our condolences to those of the rest of the nation, for the families, friends and victims of the shocking events over the weekend.  Our thought and prayers are with everybody connected to the shooting as well as with the good people of Tunisia, who acted so quickly to keep the death toll to a minimum.

Alfie's View - My Buddy's Back!


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I was so pleased to see Nigel return today!  At last I have a man back in the office to discreetly drop treats and chase me around the race track!  He's been off for a few days with a dodgy heart... which brings me on to my message for the weekend.  Make sure you get regular check ups!  You spend a fortune on annual check ups for your cars and they are just a lump of metal but how often do you get a full check up for yourself?  It may seem like a lot of money at the time but it'll definitely be worth it in the long term!

On another note, I want to wish Anne, a long time friend of Malverns, all the very best of luck for her upcoming wedding this weekend!  I'm sure the staff of Malverns will help her celebrate in the time honoured fashion.  This usually involves Gin, Tonic and copious amounts of wine!  Have a lovely day and a wonderful life together!

Alfie's View - Diary of an Office Dog


Last Updated: 05/03/2015 11:36:34   Tags:

It's been a stressful week, but nothing, as acting Head of the Sales Department, that I couldn't handle!  In fact, if Nigel and Peter ever fancy moving on, I think I could comfortably fill their shoes!

Alfie's View - Spring is Here!


Last Updated: 06/03/2015 15:33:36   Tags:

Don't be alarmed when you see the bright yellow ball in the sky! We are scheduled to have the warmest weekend of the year so far... It's even going to be hotter than Morocco!  I can't wait.  Lot's of chance to chill in the sunshine and spend time with the family... Why not get the blanket out in the garden and enjoy?

I know that the staff in the office are preparing themselves for a busy week ahead, as it always follows that when the sun comes out, so do the buyers and renters!  There is no doubt that all of our properties look amazing in the sunshine, so why not book some appointments now for a busy week of viewing!  Enjoy the weather and see you all soon!

Alfie's View - It's Monday Again!


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Well I can't believe just how quickly the weekend passes!  I was so excited this weekend to have some fantastic walks in the gorgeous sunshine and before I knew it, I was back at work thinking about my blog!

However, it was a fabulous weekend, I managed to walk in every available puddle and muddy field I could find!!  The down side of course, as you can see from my photo, is the end result meant I was unceremoniously dumped in the bath tub for a good scrub!  It's ridiculous... I don't even think I was that dirty... any excuse to get me under that awful shower!  Anyway, enough about my complaints, hopefully you all had a lovely weekend as well.  What with Poldark, Mr Selfridge, an Indian Summer and a great film on Channel 5, I know Nigel found he didn't have enough TV's!  I guess that's a good problem to have... better than nothing to watch at all !! There's only one thing on Nigel's TV tonight though... Manchester United play Arsenal in the FA Cup, so that will determine his mood tomorrow!!  Either I'll have a day of treats or nothing at all!

Plenty of activity in the office with properties coming on and applicants registering, so be sure to call us if you are thinking about buying or renting somewhere.  Have a great week and see you soon.

Alfies View - The Diary of an Office Dog


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Well here we are, mid way through the week and for the first time in a month, we have a full compliment of staff back in the office.  Peter's back from his leave and we all know what that means... more opportunities to get treats through the day!  Hopefully the daffodils blooming and the sun shining, will bring the buyers, sellers and renters out this weekend and bring some rewards for all the teams hard work through the quiet Winter. 

I've had my mad dash around the office nice and early today, so I can put my feet up for a few hours now! 

Have a great day, and I'll be back on Friday.

Alfie's View - Happy Mothers Day


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How could I let the day go by without reminding everyone out there with Mums, Step Mums, Mothers In Law and Foster Mums, that this Sunday is the day to remember just what they do for you! It's an ideal opportunity to remember the Mums who are no longer with us and to thank those who are for their unending love! 

Buy a card, get some flowers or simply pick up the phone and tell them how much you love them... Happy Mothers Day.

Alfies View - Happy St Patricks Day


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Well, what a fabulous weekend that was!  Long walks, a pub lunch, more walks and a fabulous game of rugby, resulting in a wide open Six Nations!  And to top it all, today is not only Happy Day but of course it's St Patricks Day!  We want to wish all of our clients and friends from over the water, a fantastic day and I'm guessing that all the adults in the office will use it as an excuse to celebrate as well! 

Alfies View - Who Turned the Light's Out?


Last Updated: 20/03/2015 10:24:34   Tags:

Well that was an anti-climax!  We were all waiting, with nervous excitement, to see the Total Eclipse and like a damp squib, it came and went with barely a whisper!  I guess it did get a little darker in South Kensington than usual but we will probably need to wait for another 25 years to witness it again! 

It's been a good week for the Sales Department, with Nigel managing to sell a car parking space in Kensington for the price of a small apartment and he's also taken a delightful portered apartment on to the market at a price of £585,000.  Please call him for further details.  Lettings deals have been done this week which is a good sign and the positive news from the budget has certainly generated some activity.

As for me, I'm preparing for a weeks holiday in Acton, so hopefully my dog sitters will have stocked up on treats and have some ideas for 'West London Walks'!

I will be handing the blog over to Nigel from Monday, so prepare for that!  However, Nigel is away from Thursday, so it may go quiet for a bit!

Have a fantastic weekend, with the rugby reaching an exciting climax and I will see you in a weeks time! Bye for now.

Alfie's View - Diary of an Estate Agent!


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Well, with no Alfie to write the blog this week, I've decided to step in and keep you posted!  Firstly, I want to pass on our thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims of todays plane crash in the Alps.  A truly awful event.

On a lighter note, a stunning week of sport continued this morning, with New Zealand just pipping South Africa to a place in the World Cup Final, where they will play either India or Australia!  The amazing game made me realise just how far England are behind at the moment! Englands rugby team, however, put up a fantastic fight to try and win the 6 Nations, just to be pipped by Ireland, who thoroughly deserved their victory! 

On the property front, the market still seems a little slow, although we have a wonderful refurbished studio to sell if you are in the market to spend £585,000? The lettings team are very busy and as we approach Easter, we would expect a rise in activity levels.

Sadly, we have said goodbye to one of the team here, with the Head of Sales, Peter, moving on to pastures new. All sales enquiries will now be directed to Nigel Humphriss. Please remember to pop in and meet the team if you are around South Kensington and I am sure you will be welcomed with a cup of coffee and a warm smile. We look forward to seeing you soon. Alfie will return to his usual Blog Spot on Monday!


Alfies View - Diary of an Estate Agent


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Well we are midway through the week and I have to sign off until next week.  I'm off for a small Op at Kings, so believe me, I would rather be selling houses.  I can't believe how much we have all missed Alfie this week!  He's only away for 7 days but it seems such a long time without having him around the office! Oh, we miss Claire too!

Just in case you are wondering, the photograph above is the Lithuanian football team, who play England on Friday evening.  Hopefully I will be recovering nicely at home and able to watch England put us through the mill before scoring a 91st minute winner! I won't be in hospital long enough for any grapes, so please feel free to pop in next week for a coffee and I can go into graphic detail about my operation!

There are plenty of rental properties appearing on our website, so be sure to check all the latest news on  Have a great week and a fun weekend and I look forward to handing over the reins to Alfie on Monday!

Alfie in Acton


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Well it's great to see that Alfie is having an active holiday in Acton! Apparently he likes to unwind by putting a Drifters Album on and chilling in his dog bed! As you can probably tell, we all miss him desperately when he's away from the office, even though we had 'Jessie' the labrador pop in to see us yesterday.  Nigels Op was cancelled at the last minute, which was frustrating for him but it means that the sales department is manned which is good.  Alfie will be back in the hot seat on Monday, so in the mean time, have a lovely weekend!

Alfies Back - Diary of an Office Dog


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Well, what a lovely restful week that was!  I am exhausted... couldn't wait to get back to the office and have a lie down!  I love a bit of time away but I did miss Claire and of course the rest of the office team.  I'm glad to say that they seem to have missed me too and stocked up on treats. Not long to go until Easter and I can have even more time away from work.  Thanks to Nigel for filling in for me with his attempts at writing the blog.  Not a bad effort but I do believe he lacks my writing finesse!!

Glad to see that the rental market has been busy in my absence and a number of properties have been let almost immediately.  Nigel is working hard with sales although it has to be said that there is a slight reluctance to commit prior to the General Election.  There are some good deals out there though for the buy-to-let investor.

That's enough for the time being.  I hope you all have a fabulous 'short' week and are all ready for some Easter fun at the weekend.  I will try and post an update on Thursday if not sooner.  Bye for now!

Alfies View - Nigels Back!


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Wow, what a month that was!  A majority decision for the Conservative Party, who would have thought it going into the election?  Still, by the look on most of the staff here, it seems to be a good thing for local property sales and rentals.  All very exciting!  Plus, we have Nigel back from his travels to his daughters graduation in Miami and his holiday in Costa Rica!  I'm delighted to say he didn't return with a pet sloth and is still showering me with attention and most importantly, treats!  He has asked to add a couple of his photos on the blog, which I am more than happy to allow... I think there is a 'Howler' Monkey, a Sloth and a poor imitation of Indiana Jones!   As for me, I also went away, on a fishing trip to the River Loddon.  Great fun!

I've also put up a picture of my God-daughter, 'Pickle', who is a real bundle of joy and although she will never ever replace Smudge, I must say I am really looking forward to spending some time with her soon.  Smudge lives on in our hearts and memories and all the time that Pickle is around, I will remember the fantastic times Smudge and I had together.

Well, since the election I'm told that the market continues to gain strength and the uncertainty appears to have gone, so now is as good a time as ever to pop in and discuss your property needs, be it renting, letting or selling and buying, we have an expert here to help.  Have a lovely bank holiday weekend and I'll be back later next week.

Alfies View - The Diary of an Office Dog


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I'm so sad to be yet again writing of another tragedy, this time across the channel at our neighbours in France.  We at Malverns, want to send our sincere condolences and love to the families and friends of the injured and deceased, following the awful events in Paris.  Let's prey that the New Year brings fresh hope and the powers that be, are able to find someway of resolving this terrible situation.



Alfie's View - The Diary of an Office Dog


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As a huge rugby fan and a lover of sport in general, I can't let the passing of such a superb athlete and gentleman, pass without my own tribute.  I remember watching in awe as this giant man, weighing 18 stone and as wide as a bus, brushed the English defence aside with apparent ease.  Yet I couldn't dislike him!  I knew I was watching someone very special and the memories of this amazing person will stay with me forever. RIP Jonah Lomu..

Alfie's View - The Diary of an Office Dog


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Well, we are just a week away from the Annual Malverns Christmas Party!  This time next week, the team will be busily preparing the office for our guests, including Jeff de Bruges, Argent of London and Neal's Yard, who have kindly agreed to come along and sell there gift ideas.  Champagne and nibbles will be served and it will be an ideal opportunity to catch up with old friends.  If you haven't RSVP'd yet, please do so as we would love to see you!

Alfies View - Christmas Party Time


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Well, I was banished away for the afternoon but from what I gather, the Annual Malverns Christmas Party was a huge hit!  Over 80 people attended, and enjoyed bubbles and nibbles whilst also taking advantage of a pre-Christmas shop from our 3 local businesses!  Jeff de Bruges, Argent of London and Neals yard all attended and seemed to do a roaring trade.  We would of course like to thank them for attending and setting up shop for the afternoon and would particularly like to thank our wonderful friends, family, clients and contractors, for making the afternoon such fun.  We are delighted to announce that over £150 was raised for the Motor Neurone Disease charity, MNDA, by raffling a magnum of red wine, kindly donated by Ann Sturgis.  The winner of the wine, Gill Burgess, could not have been more deserving as she sadly lost her own husband to the disease a few years ago and the charity is very dear to her heart.

Alfies View - Diary of an Office Dag

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Well it's a sad day in the office.  Having been with Malverns for 11 years, Jo has decided to move on to pastures new.  Who on earth will take me on my morning and afternoon walks?  I know the staff in the office will miss her hugely and I will certainly find it difficult.  Of course, we all want to wish her every success in her new venture and hope to see her as she pops in to say hello throughout the coming months!

On a happier note, we would love to welcome Niki Sturgis to the office, who will be working with Nigel, Ria and Claire, to familiarise herself with all aspects of the business.  On a personal note, she will also need to familiarise herself with all aspects of keeping Alfie happy, with walks, treats and general pampering!

Alfies View - World Cup Round Up


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Well what a sad weekend for the home nations.  I could tell by the look on Nigels face this morning, that it hadn't gone well at the Rugby World Cup.  Wales, edged out by a brilliant South Africa side, Ireland sadly taught a lesson by the amazing Argentinians and then a truly memorable fight by the Scots, whose 'never say die' attitude nearly gave us a massive shock against the Aussies.  Great entertainment for the neutrals and well worthy of a massive pat on the backs for such valiant losers.  Hopefully the above un-biased pictures sum up the agony and heartache of this years campaign, with a lovely memory of a few years ago thrown in!

Alfies View - Diary of an Office Dog


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Well here we are again, with the weekend rapidly approaching and what a weekend it plans to be!  The Rugby World Cup comes to an exciting climax with the two best teams coming head to head at Twickenham.  Good luck to both sides.  Personally I can't wait to see the Kiwis special Final Haka!   Halloween is also this weekend, so remember to supply some treats for the kids.  Here in the office plans for our Christmas Party are well and truly underway!  There will be more to follow on that soon, but in the meantime put the date of 26th November in your diary.  Business is still brisk, with a number of applicants looking to find homes before Christmas and the rental market is buzzing, with Ria noticing a real upturn in the market.

Pilates is still going strong in the office, with the ladies but we need to convince Nigel to start again, as he is definitely piling on the pounds!  Well that's all from me for a few days.  Have a lovely weekend and feel free to pop in whenever you're passing.



Alfies View - Christmas Party


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It's that time of the year again!  Incredibly, it's a whole year since our last Party.  Please save the date and RSVP when you can.  We'd love you to join us for drinks, nibbles and an opportunity to buy some gifts from our wonderful guests, Jeff de Bruges Chocolates, Neals Yard, for an array of creams and lotions and Argent, with their amazing jewellery range. Looking forward to seeing you.

Alfies View - Diary of an Office Dog


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Well what a wet and wild Bank Holiday weekend that was!  And can you believe the photo that got taken of me while I was resting?  Seriously, it was too wet to do anything else, so I decided to put my feet up for a few hours!  It's great to see that Nigel had a fun trip to the USA though.  He spent some quality time with my American cousins, Lily and Kelly and his son and daughter in law, in what looks like amazing weather in Connecticut.

Back to business though and as we move into what is traditionally one of the busiest times of the year for the property market, we would suggest that right now is the best time to invite your agent in to assess the value of your home, with a view to making that move before Christmas!  We traditionally have more buyers registering around this time than at any other during the year.  Take advantage of our special Autumn offers, whether selling or renting and call us now for an appointment.

Oh and have a great week!

Alfie's View - Diary of an Office Dog


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Well it finally seems that we have everybody back in the office, following holidays all over the world!  At last I can get back to a semblance of normality!  I have managed to entertain myself quite well, with the toys in the office that needed destroying! 

I couldn't possibly write today without mentioning that our thoughts and prayers are with the surviving friends and families of all of those affected by the tragic events of 9/11.  Let's just pray that nothing like this will ever happen again.

The market is gradually picking up, with lettings and sales enquiries, all looking to find that new home in the Autumn.  It's certainly worth mentioning that when we are compared to leading Sales and Lettings agents in Prime Central London, our fees are considerably better, offering the client far greater value for money than all the competition.  feel free to pop in and discuss our current rates.  Have a lovely weekend!

Alfies View - Diary of an Office Dog


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Well it's finally here!  Tonight's the night Nigel's been looking forward to for 4 years!  The Rugby World Cup!  Being un-biased as we are, we would like to wish all the nations competing, good luck and hope that they can produce some spectacular rugby along the way!  However, we want to wish the Home Nations in particular, the very best of fortune, whilst secretly hoping for a repeat of that amazing final a few years ago that saw Jonny Wilkinson drop the winning goal in the last minutes.  COME ON ENGLAND!!!

Alfie's View - Diary of an Office Dog


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What a lovely weekend - It seems like a long time ago now but the Norfolk beaches are such fun!  I'm not sure my muddy paw prints, all over the lovely cream sofas were so much fun afterwards but I did have a fab time!  I certainly needed to keep a low profile while Claire and JP worked until 1:00am to get them clean.... sorry!!

On a less controversial note, I know everybody enjoyed the opening weekend of the World Cup (maybe not the South Africans!).  Can't wait for the weekend now.  Business in the office is brisk and we have all just been introduced to the lovely Nikki who will be joining the team from October.  More about Nikki in our future posts but I would love to join everyone in wishing her loads of luck and remind her to buy as many dog treats as she likes!  Have a fabulous week and enjoy the rugby!

Nigel's View - The Diary of an Office Dog


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Well here we are again in a really quiet office!  Not only is Claire away and enjoying sunny climes in Spain but Alfie has been taken from us as well for a well earned rest!  The office is a very different place.  Ria can eat a whole banana for a change, Jo only has to worry about taking herself to the bathroom and for walks and not only can I drink a whole cup of coffee, including the froth but I have to chase my own tail around the office at 4.00pm!  You have no idea how much you will miss someone until they are actually not there!  Hurry back Alf (and Claire!). 

I have struggled to know what to write about the rugby!  Too painful to discuss but in the words of Eric Morecambe, 'It's not over until the fat lady sings'! We simply have the small task of getting past the Aussies again!  Where's Jonny Wilkinson when you most need him? Well done to Wales though and good luck to all the Home Countries in the coming weeks.  Great excitement in the office this week as Ann has moved into the Digital World with an iPad.. Watch this space for updates!  I am worried it might be covered in Tippex by the weekend!  Well that's all from me (probably forever if Ann reads it).  Have a great week and Alfie will be back soon!

Alfie's View - Pilates Class!


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Well I knew it would happen eventually!!  I've had a haircut and been dragged into a pilates class on the same day! I'm not amused...  I'll let you know how I feel tomorrow....
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