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thank you very much for everything and your excellent costumer service you provided in the past years to us. If one day we will move west again we will definitely get in touch with you
Anna Kensington
Hi Claire,

Thank you for everything. It has been an amazing time for me in Florin Court, will always have a special place for me. Also, you personally made it so easy and nice with your extremely quick and kind support all the time - so I'm thankful for that.

Best wishes,
Mayte tenant
My friend had an awesome experience with your company so I would like also to work with you:)
Dear Ria
Thank you so much for everything. I really appreciate your hard work and the extra effort you put on finding me a flat. The results are perfect. What a pleasure to work with such a professional person like you. 
Hope to work with you again.
Kind regards
Thank you so much Ria. What a professional woman you are. That's why I only like to deal with you... Thanks a million.
Mrs S, applicant

Dear Claire,

As always Malverns efficiency is at best. Thank you very much Claire.

Best wishes to you, staff and ...Alfie


Applicant D

Dear Claire,

a quick note to keep you updated. We have talk to Sasha who told us that he've fixed or sorted out  everything.

Thank you for the very fast and kind assistance in this matter, and as always for your efficiency as always.
Mr L


Dear Ria
Thank you for all of the time you have spent with us and for your unending patience!  I'll stop by the office next time I am nearby to bring you a much deserved bottle of Champagne.  Cheers!
Applicant  L.W.

Dear Claire
That's great news.  Thank you very much, and thank you once again for your highly efficient management skills.  You probably have no idea how much it's appreciated.

Mrs H Client
Dear Ria, a big heartfelt thank you ! Without you and your wisdom this deal would have felt apart many many times! Hope you'll visit us once we have settled. Big hug,
Daniel and Stefano
I am so thrilled that I found you. I truly am. Thank you very much for coming to see me and my home. I really appreciated your advices and experience
Thank you for all your help, your team's pro-active and kind assistance has been much much appreciated, especially the bus Map of Kings Road! I have seen my fair share of estate agenst the last 2 weeks, your service is promptness at Malverns are top!
Miss C - Tenant
Dear Claire, I would like to say a big thank you for all the help. It would have been a lot more stressful without your help.
Miss J
It's been a pleasure dealing with you over the years. Very impressed with your service.
Miss T - Tenant
Dear Ria. You have been wonderful and truly accommodating. We really appreciate all your efforts.
Mr D R
I have very much enjoyed my 2 ½ years there and have found both your service and the landlord very professional
Mr. D - Tenant
The new flat is fine though I'm bound to say that the quality of agents is dismal compared to the excellent service we received from you throughout our stay at our flat. This provides me with a happy opportunity to thank you for all you have done for us.
Mr. H - Tenant
I am indeed grateful for the trouble you have taken and for the documents of clear and precise valuation and information that you have provided
Mr. K - Owner
Thank you both for your assistance over the last few months.  In particular Claire has done a terrific job as agent.
Kind regards
Mrs G

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